10 Important Factors Behind Satisfaction

Important Factors of Satisfaction


Each of us knows well that satisfaction is the ultimate goal of everyone either it is about business, education, making sales or buying or selling any product or services.

Most of us couldn’t get in-depth understandings of the word “Satisfaction”. It’s more than important that whatever we have heard about it, we should know it fully. So, let’s talk about satisfaction, and what it is? The more involving terms in our daily life are around the word satisfaction. For example:

  • Life satisfaction
  • Spiritual Satisfaction
  • Eternal Satisfaction
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Mental satisfaction
  • etc

What is Satisfaction?

Probably, we couldn’t get it well. Let’s talk more about it openly so that each of us may understand the factors behind the satisfaction.

 Every human has three general attributes in normal conditions that need satisfaction on the same following ground.

  • Spiritual Satisfaction
  • Mental Satisfaction
  • Body Satisfaction

Satisfaction is such a high level of a collective and eternal bliss (i.e. spiritual, mental, and body state) that everybody wants. Let’s talk more about it:

The Intention: The Base of every ACTION or REACTION

 Behind every action or reaction, there is an intention that defines our objective or goal. To generate satiety, pure, positive, and productive thought is required.

It defines what and why of our actions or reactions. 

A standardised intention is because of teachings and values in you which were indulged by inspiration and affection.

Our love or liking drives our thoughts and intentions.

Let’s go through all one-by-one:

Ten important Factors  behind Satisfaction

  1. Quality
  2. Commitment
  3. Time
  4. Quantity
  5. Price
  6. Presentation
  7. Communication
  8. Response or Reaction
  9. Organising
  10. Care

1. Satisfaction by Quality:

It refers that when quality is produced, we get satisfaction, and as a result, whoever receives quality gets a state of satisfaction. Quality is associated with purity, uniqueness, transparency, dedication, devotion, and expertise.

 We can say that the height of one’s passion and creativity. Satiety has its levels, and a high level produces peace and happiness which is ultimately a big motivation. Satisfaction is a top-level relation of belief and confidence that we feel. 

Quality never dies.

Behind the quality, sincerity, and a focused-attitude, are found behind the 

production, and importantly, it is a balance or justice which is delivered. 

On the other hand, supply meets whatever is demanded, hoped, or expected.

2- Satisfaction by Commitment:

Whenever a commitment is fulfilled from all the aspects, considering the quality as mentioned earlier, satisfaction arrives. Spiritually, eternal bliss is awarded for both parties when a commitment is honoured fairly. Commitment is correlated with quality.

We might have a high level of commitment which ultimately is a passion to forgo everything for our commitment. 

Some early birds win the hearts by surprise time management with perfection. You may call it a developed habit or a constructed attribute. A weak commitment is a weak intent or determination, which is itself a failure. 

A strong will or determination is a guarantee of a strong commitment, and, reciprocally, a weak intent or determination is failure itself.

The commitment must be a doable, measurable, and well-defined, and according to your strength or capacity. A realistic approach is behind strong commitment which is empowered by nature. If we count positive thinking or a positive intent we will find natural balance, sacrifice for others, love, affection, and dedication to achieve satiety. 

We need to be demand-less for eternal happiness.

3- Satisfaction by Time:

Generally, everybody likes time-table, in-time delivery, timely arrangement, on-time reaches. On the other hand, we get worried when out of time or short of time. So, all things are time-concerned. If time is considered, and things are done in the due course of time, here comes satisfaction for both parties. 

We have to prioritise or rank the activities in daily life, a timely hit is always worthy than mistimed dying efforts.

Early birds give and receive a high level of satisfaction.

4- Satisfaction by Quantity:

If we take into account it generally, numbers and Quantity attract human-beings. So, maximising the quantity leads to the attraction for satiety. Considering the aforesaid three elements of satisfaction. Counting remains at the top interest even for a child or an old man. So it plays a vital role in satisfaction. Some extra numbers or additional numbers put a smile on your face.

More generates more.

For example; Mostly community appreciate Additional features, extra benefits, free added services, or buy-one-get-one-free.

When someone gives rebates or incentives by increasing the quantity, it attracts generally but in some specific conditions, it appears that few qualitative numbers are more powerful than a larger quantity.

5- Satisfaction by Price:

A balanced price is a mutual outcome that touches satiety when each one feels equality, balance, and justice. 

Everything has its price when paid, gives satiety. Actually, nothing is grant for free and someone has to pay the price. It may be possible whatever we are getting free has been paid by someone else whom we don’t know. 

A demand-less thing becomes priceless.

We can say that demand and supply both determine the price. The reasonably low price which contains quality simply wins the race. Lesser the price more we get. 

6- Satisfaction by Presentation:

It’s all about the eyes to make your perception, produce an impression for satisfaction. The way we express, deliver, or present, really does matter. 

There must be a king method of presentation for top or high levels of satisfaction. It applies more in these four connective parts.

  1. Attention
  2. Interest 
  3. Desire
  4. Satisfaction 

People believe what they see, listen, taste, and practice.

A powerful presentation should be the answers to all expected questions and queries in one’s mind. People also talk about the combination we use. The best and winning combination must be presented for satisfaction. 

7- Satisfaction by Communication:

It is generally considered that the 7 principles of communication ( world’s famous 7 C’s of communication) include how do we understand? and how do we get others understood? 

Most of the heart winning words create trust and authority for long term relations. We can’t forget all the aforesaid elements of satisfaction along with this condition. People also add attitude, temper, or tone with it.

“Your attitude determines your altitude.”

 7 C’s of communication:

  1. Completeness
  2. Correctness
  3. Conciseness
  4. Clarity    
  5. Coherence
  6. Consideration
  7. Courtesy    

(Read more about 7 C’s of communication)

8- Satisfaction by Response or Reaction:

we do believe in a positive response at first, but let’s go ahead. Moreover, Response or reaction is another factor of satisfaction. 

It is generally said,

responsiveness is a responsibility.

A quick and positive reaction also helps to generate satisfaction. Higher the response ratio or rate, the higher the satiety level.it demands balance or justice for the goal.

9- Satisfaction by Organising:

An organised way, method, or process wins the heart. Every natural thing is well-organised, integrated, and disciplined. 

It is purely a natural rule of satisfaction that everyone loves. Planning and organising are twins and never leave each other.  

A leader is to serve, not to rule.

A pulled or pushed effort shows a weak organisation. The organisation is a remedy and cure of burden. Simply, it divides the burden or responsibility and function collectively for one objective or goal. That’s the reason for the living-hood to live.

A natural organisation is an automated process where everything has its place and responsibility.” Simply, unity is strength.

An organised effort produces a positive and fair impression to get satisfaction.

10- Satisfaction by Care:

Finally, everybody feels when being cared for especially when someone forgets or misses to be informed or remembered. 

Care strengthens relations.

This provides an opportunity to create more confidence and believe in relations. What’s our response or reaction when we receive a sincere birthday card on our special day if someone cares? 

Caring for profit, caring for safety, caring for ease or comfort, or even caring for worries, that’s the point we feel for satiety.

Finally, as we have discussed 10 important factors but we can add up more to reach the highest level of satisfaction. Let’s improve it by receiving real standards