Animals That Start With I

Animals That Start With I


Some interesting facts about Animals with I

Here is a complete alphabetical list of popular names of “animals that starts with I”.  For you, our list contains the maximum “animals that start with I” in 6 different languages, along with interesting facts at the end.

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Animals That Start With I in different Languages

ECTI has added different languages for animals that start with I. It is for who are speaking languages other than English. 

Animals have different names in different languages. So, interestingly, we need to know what other languages are talking about it.

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One list with 6 famous languages.

So, the list includes the animal’s name in English, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese language.

Ecti is happy to provide educational, entertaining, and informative content on the different animals. Our informative list is in alphabetical order, and it can include a few more categories than just discussed. You can also find a separate collection of the images of animals that start with I.

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List of Animals that Start with I

Iberian FrogGrenouille IbériqueRana ibéricaRana Iberica伊比利亚蛙イベリアのカエル
IbexIbexCabra montésStambecco山羊アイベックス
Ibizan HoundChien d’IbizaSabueso ibicencosegugio ibizenco伊比沙猎犬イビザンハウンド
IcefishPoisson des glacesDraco rayadopesce ghiaccio冰鱼コオリウオ
Iceland GullMouette d’IslandeGaviota de Islandiagabbiano islandese冰岛鸥アイスランドカモメ
Icelandic SheepdogChien de berger islandaisPerro pastor islandéspastore islandese冰岛牧羊犬アイスランドシープドッグ
Icterine WarblerParuline ictérineCurruca icterinaWarbler itterino黄莺莺キイロウタムシクイ
Idaho Ground SquirrelSpermophile de l’IdahoArdilla de tierra de IdahoScoiattolo di terra dell’Idaho爱达荷地松鼠アイダホジリス
Idaho Pocket GopherGopher de poche de l’IdahoGopher de bolsillo de IdahoIdaho Pocket Gopher爱达荷州口袋地鼠アイダホポケットゴーファー
Immortal JellyfishMéduse immortelleMedusa inmortalMedusa immortale不朽的水母ベニクラゲ
Imperial EagleAigle impérialÁguila imperialAquila Imperiale帝鹰カタシロワシ
Imperial MothPapillon ImpérialPolilla imperialfalena imperiale帝蛾インペリアルモス
Indian BullfrogGrenouille taureau indienRana toro indiarana toro indiana印度牛蛙インドのブルフロッグ
Indian Bush RatRat de brousse indienRata de Bush indioRatto di Bush indiano印度丛林鼠インドのブッシュラット
Indian ElephantÉléphant indienElefante indioElefante indiano印度象インドゾウ
Indian Flying FoxRenard volant indienZorro volador indioVolpe volante indiana印度飞狐インドオオコウモリ
Indian GazelleGazelle indienneGacela indiagazzella indiana印度瞪羚インドのガゼル
Indian GerbilGerbille indienneJerbo indioGerbillo indiano印度沙鼠インドのガービル
Indian Giant SquirrelÉcureuil géant indienArdilla gigante indiaScoiattolo gigante indiano印度巨松鼠インドオオリス
Indian Harelièvre indienLiebre indialepre indiana印度野兔インドノウサギ
Indian Palm SquirrelÉcureuil indienArdilla de palma indiaScoiattolo di palma indiano印度棕榈松鼠インドのヤシリス
Indian RhinocerosRhinocéros indienRinoceronte indioRinoceronte indiano印度犀牛インドサイ
Indian Star TortoiseTortue étoilée indienneTortuga Estrella IndiaTartaruga stellata indiana印度星龟インドホシガメ
Indochinese TigerTigre d’IndochineTigre de Indochinatigre indocinese印度支那虎インドシナトラ
Inland TaipanTaïpan intérieurTaipan interiorTaipan dell’entroterra内陆大班ナイリクタイパン
Insular MoleTaupe insulaireMole insularTalpa Insulare岛状痣タイワンモグラ
Inyo ShrewMusaraigne InyoInyo MusarañaInyo toporagno英约泼妇イニョトガリネズミ
Iriomote CatChat IriomoteGato IriomoteGatto Iriomote西表猫イリオモテヤマネコ
Irish DoodleGriffonnage irlandaisDoodle irlandésscarabocchio irlandese爱尔兰涂鸦アイリッシュドゥードル
Irish ElkWapiti irlandaisAlce irlandésAlce irlandese爱尔兰麋鹿アイルランドのエルク
Irish SetterSetter irlandaisSetter irlandésSetter irlandese爱尔兰二传手アイリッシュセッター
Irish TerrierTerrier irlandaisTerrier irlandésTerrier irlandese爱尔兰梗アイリッシュテリア
Irish Water SpanielÉpagneul d’eau irlandaisPerro de aguas irlandésIrish Water Spaniel爱尔兰水猎犬アイリッシュウォータースパニエル
Irish WolfHoundLévrier IrlandaisLobo IrlandésHoundWolfHound irlandese爱尔兰猎狼犬アイリッシュウルフハウンド
Irukandji JellyfishMéduse IrukandjiMedusa IrukandjiMedusa Irukandji伊鲁坎吉水母イルカンジクラゲ
Island FoxRenard des îlesZorro de la islaVolpe dell’isola岛狐シマハイイロギツネ
Island Gray FoxRenard gris des îlesIsla Zorro GrisVolpe grigia dell’isola岛灰狐シマハイイロギツネ
Island MouseSouris des îlesRatón de la islatopo dell’isola岛鼠アイランドマウス
Italian GreyhoundLévrier italienGalgo italianoLevriero Italiano意大利灵缇犬イタリアン・グレイハウンド
Italian Wall LizardLézard des murailles italienLagarto de pared italianoLucertola muraiola italiana意大利壁蜥イタリアのウォールリザード
Italian WolfLoup italienLobo italianolupo italiano意大利狼イタリアオオカミ
Ivory GullMouette ivoireGaviota de marfilgabbiano avorio象牙鸥ゾウゲカモメ
Ivory-billed woodpeckerPic à bec d’ivoirePájaro carpintero pico marfilPicchio becco d’avorio象牙嘴啄木鸟アイボリー請求キツツキ

Do you have a pet?

First, try to find out some unique attributes.

Secondly, keep an eye on habits.

Do you know why?


Animals repeat their habits AGAIN AND AGAIN.

They learn through it, repeat it all the time.


More about Animals

List of Animals Starting with I in English

Our list contains the following animals that start with ‘I’.

  • Iberian Frog
  • Ibex
  • Ibis
  • Ibizan Hound
  • Icefish
  • Iceland Gull
  • Icterine Warbler
  • Idaho Ground Squirrel
  • Idaho Pocket Gopher
  • Iguana
  • Immortal Jellyfish
  • Impala
  • Imperial Eagle
  • Inchworm
  • Indian Bullfrog
  • Indian Bush Rat
  • Indian Elephant
  • Indian Flying Fox
  • Indian Gazelle
  • Indian Gerbil
  • Indian Hare
  • Indian Palm Squirrel
  • Indian Rhinoceros
  • Indian Star Tortoise
  • Indochinese Tiger
  • Indri
  • Inland Taipan
  • Insect
  • Insular Mole
  • Inyo Shrew
  • Iriomote Cat
  • Irish Setter
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Irukandji Jellyfish
  • Island Gray Fox
  • Island Mouse
  • Isopod
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Italian Wall Lizard
  • Italian Wolf
  • Ivory Gull

Some Interesting Facts About Animals with I

Iberian Frog

They jump into the water when they feel danger disturbed.


Ibex are very nimble animals. They can jump more than six feet high. 


Ibises are social birds that live, travel, and breed in flocks.

Ibizan Hound

They are one of the most ancient dog breeds.


They don’t have swim bladders.

Iceland Gull

People also call them a white-winged gull.

Icterine Warbler

Primarily, they eat insects but sometimes eat fruit in summer. 

Idaho Ground Squirrel

One of the largest of the squirrels.

Idaho Pocket Gopher

They are the most prevalent and destructive vertebrate pests.


Has sharp teeth that can shred leaves and puncture human skin.

Immortal Jellyfish

Unable to revert their cells to their earliest form and grow anew, meaning they have the potential to live infinite lives.


Amazing jumpers are known to jump over obstacles in their way, rather than going around them.

Imperial Eagle

Imperial Eagles are the second-largest Eagle in Europe.


Inchworms are the only caterpillars with three pairs of front legs and either two or three pairs of rear legs, but no central legs.

Indian Bullfrog

To help them adapt to the water and vegetation surrounding it, their feet are nearly entirely webbed.

Indian Bush Rat

This is the only species of the genus Golunda found outside of Africa, and the only Arvicanthini found outside of Africa.

Indian Elephant

They have comparatively long trunks than other elephants.

Indian Flying Fox

Flying foxes are the largest bats in India.

Indian Gazelle

They can go without drinking for long periods.

Indian Gerbil

Their eyes are large and prominent. When running, the bounding gait is evident.

Indian Hare

Born with fur and with open eyes.

Indian Palm Squirrel

Its cry is similar to “chip chip chip” when it senses danger.

Indian Rhinoceros

A wart-like growth covers their shoulders and upper legs. 

Indian Star Tortoise

Typically shy and small, compared to other tortoises, they prefer sunlight and life in the open, but they can adapt to indoor life with sufficient heat, lighting, and humidity.

Indochinese Tiger

It has an orange or gold coat with black stripes.


It uses its long, muscular legs to propel itself from trunk to trunk.

Inland Taipan

Venomous snakes.


There are around six to ten million species in the world.

Insular Mole

Chinese and Taiwanese blind moles are also called the Formosan blind mole.

Inyo Shrew

In the winter, they can lose up to 40% of their body weight.

Iriomote Cat

Rarest of all cats found on a Japanese island.

Irish Setter

This breed matures more slowly than other breeds.

Irish Wolfhound

The world’s tallest dog.

Irukandji Jellyfish

The smallest species of jellyfish.

Island Gray Fox

The Channel Islands’ largest terrestrial mammal.

Island Mouse

Found only on the Channel Islands.


Bottom dwellers, but not bugs.

Italian Greyhound

A small space is ideal for them.

Italian Wall Lizard

Native to Bosnia, Croatia, France, Italy.

Italian Wolf

They have a relatively narrow palate between the first premolars.

Ivory Gull

They aggressively fight over food.

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