Augmented and Virtual Reality 2021 – Best Guide

ECTI Pakistan - augmented and virtual reality

We have an internship for you if you’re interested in getting hands-on experience creating Augmented and Virtual Reality visualizations. While working at the Internship, you will experience fantastic work with the Greece university with the international consortium of partners. With their cutting-edge technologies, they provide advanced learning solutions.

During your Augmented & Virtual Reality Internship, you’ll work with a university in Greece. That works with an international consortium of partners to deliver cutting-edge learning solutions using advanced technologies.

Further, you will also gain essential skills that are difficult to acquire in the early stages of your career. This Internship will give you first-hand experience with VR/AR.

Moreover, there are two kinds of project placements that can be part of this Internship. Either one of them will be your match. Further, the internet has the option in his/her hand to let us know about their preferences. By confirming your participation, the internship program will make a custom plan of action for the online Internship. 

  • Appreciate the need to develop virtual tour apps for campuses and other locations, like archaeological sites.
  • As part of this remote Internship, augmented reality systems can also be implemented to monitor and control engineering setups remotely. For example, monitor the machine’s condition or sensor networks.

The remote intern consortium works on ongoing projects with industrial and academic partners. Several engineering consulting firms in Europe work on projects that lead to applying novel techniques for problems in engineering or the development of educational materials.

In this role, you’ll assist your experienced supervisor with multiple project-related activities. Virtual interns communicate regularly with their mentors, who provide updates and offer feedback to support and guide learning and development.

During the internship period, augmented and an experienced and qualified supervisor supervises virtual reality interns.

  • I am analyzing problems and come up with solutions involving hardware and software.
  • Data is collected from sensors and used for remote control and monitoring (e.g. to develop condition monitoring).
  • We are building user interfaces for displaying data and information (for example, to assist users in interacting with equipment).

Location: Online

Augmented and Virtual Reality Rewards

  • Our internship support begins even before you start your Internship and continues afterwards
  • The importance of securing an internship placement
  • Plan your Internship based on your personal preferences
  • Your supervisor will coach you during orientation and training
  • Experiencing Learning Curriculum
  • Letter of reference from abroad

Development of professional skills:

  • Create or apply new technologies using theoretical expertise and innovation.
  • You must be compatible with the latest technology and software at the internship for practical experience.
  • Get hands-on experience with AR/VR development.
  • Learn valuable skills while boosting your employability with Intern Abroad HQ’s Experiential Learning Curriculum.


  • An applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or any related field.
  • Also, essential are strong IT and web design skills.
  • A suitable applicant will have extensive experience in their field of study (including any relevant experience), with a desire to learn and grow within this field).
  • It is an English-language internship.

Eligible Regions: Open for all.

Application Process

Use to Apply Now link to submit an online application.