Bridge the Divide Fellowship Program 2021

Bridge the Divide Fellowship Program

An initiative called Bridge the Divide Fellowship program seeks to promote critical political discourse among youth during polarization both in America and internationally. 

With the help of productive and deep research, the organization divide the work to gather the students who want to work in this environment. It will result in bringing more prosperity for the future youth. 

Three main elements of the organization allow students to engage in substantive and respectful political conversation: 

  • Live online debates, moderated op-eds, and ambassadorship opportunities.
  • Hundreds of comments are for the discussions in real-time.

This position requires you to write Op-Eds, recruit writers in your area, engage in online and in-person discussions, and make social media posts about Bridge the Divide. Your community will see you as BTD’s ambassador.

In this regard, you will get the opportunity to be a member of the bridge divided team. So, it will result in collaboration with the BTD Leadership team.

Availability: Online

Aspects of Bridge the Divide Fellowship

Among the benefits ambassadors obtain:

  • Expertise and experience working with start-up organizations run exclusively by young people
  • Developing leadership and organizational skills
  • A powerful network of young people with similar interests
  • International speakers at Bridge the Divide conferences
  • Writing experience for opinion editorials
  • Skills in social media

Criteria for eligibility

  • The age requirement is 12-24 years old
  • Political engagement and a passion for politics are required for applicants
  • Candidates should be passionate about making a difference

Regional eligibility: Open for all

How to Apply?

A review of applications will begin shortly. The status of the ambassadors will likely be known within one week of the submission of applications.