Chevening Scholarship 2021-2022

Chevening Scholarship 2021-2022


For the upcoming academic year, Chevening Scholarships will be available without the requirement of IELTS or another English language test. The 2019-2021 Chevening Scholarship application will open on September 3, 2021.

Chevening awards two kinds of prizes together with partners. Embassies and high commissions in countries across the world personally select candidates for Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships.

Those who receive Chevening sponsorship have the opportunity to develop professionally and academically, explore British culture, and create lasting connections with the UK.

Scholarship applications will open again in August 2021 for students studying in the UK in 2021-2022.

Chevening Scholarship Coverage

  • Chevening Scholarship Winners are eligible to receive a full tuition fee waiver
  • The UK Chevening Scholarship recipients will also receive a monthly expenses fund
  • The scholarship also provides a Travel expenses allowance
  • Amounts will be provided upon arrival
  • An allowance for returning home
  • Visa fees will be paid
  • Among those who are eligible for grants are Chevening event grant recipients

Chevening Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  • The award recipient must return to his or her country for at least two years after the award has ended
  • In a UK university’s postgraduate program, you typically need a first-class honors degree or upper second-class degree
  • At least two years of work experience (up to five years of work experience for fellowships, so please check your country’s page for details)

Ineligibility Criteria

You will not be eligible for a Chevening Award if:

  • You must be British or have two British nationalities (unless you are a citizen of the British Overseas Territory, or hold a BN (O) and apply from Hong Kong).
  • The candidate must be a refugee in a non-Chevening-eligible country, not one of those that are citizens of Chevening-eligible countries.
  • (Since July 2016) Do you work for, formerly worked for, or have a relation who does:
    • British Embassies/High Commissions (including those of Her Majesty’s) 
    • This department is responsible for international development
    • Department for Business
    • Strategy for Energy and Industrial Performance 
    • International Trade Department
    • The Ministry of Defense and the Home Office
    • Affiliated with the Association of Commonwealth Universities or the British Council
    • Employees (current or former) or families of employees (since July 2016) of Chevening Partner organizations can apply, but cannot claim a Chevening/Partner Award from the organization for which they work, have previously worked, or have relatives who serve there Or relatives of the person
  • (Note: Close relatives include parents, siblings, children, adopted children, spouses, community partners, and single couples who have had a marital relationship for at least two years.)
  • In contrast, if you have previously studied in the UK under a UK government scholarship (including Chevening), you will be able to apply
  • Chevening Fellowship candidates are eligible five years after completing the UK Government-funded scholarship

We electronically verify all applications against our eligibility criteria for each position; ineligible applicants will be removed from the process. Once your application has been submitted, you can no longer change it.

The Application process for Chevening Scholarship?

Here are some tips for using the online application system:

1) The best way is to use Google Chrome as the browser for the best results.

2) Fill out the application form in a full-size window to read it in its original format.

3) Avoid using the back and forward buttons in your browser. In this case, all unsaved work will be lost. Instead, use the menu links in the form to navigate between pages.

4) Be sure to memorize your login credentials. You can save time by not logging in again to the online application system.

5) Please enter all details accurately, especially your active email address. After submitting your application, if this changes you do not miss important updates from the Chevening secretary. It is important when you provide a secondary email address that it should work and be different from your first one.

6) Before you begin to complete the application, preview all sections so you know what’s expected.

7) Preparing answers offline might save you some time. As the application form takes some time to complete, you could prepare responses offline, and paste them in the online form as needed. The password is especially important if you’re accessing a computer in a public place like a cafe.

8) The application form contains questions. There are questions you must answer. Answers must contain at least 100 words and at most 500 words. Answers shorter than 100 words will not be considered.

Unlike some applications, the system does not automatically save your work; it closes each session after 60 minutes, even if you continue editing the form during that time. Save frequently to prevent losing work that hasn’t been saved.

9) Save your work periodically, as you do not have to complete the form all at once. Save your username and password using the ‘Logout’ button in the top-right corner of the page and leave the application. An email will also contain a link for your application.

10) The reading committee will not review your application if you plagiarize, and regardless of whether your application has been peer-reviewed or not. Plagiarism is considered when material from other sources is used to answer application questions, resulting in your application being ignored. You should ensure that your answers are original and not copied from other sources, so please do thoroughly review them.

(11) Applications must be submitted in English. Applications in any other language will not be accepted.

12) Confirm the size and format of the files you intend to upload. You can only upload PDF files not exceeding 5 MB. No more than 50 characters may appear in the filename.

13) Make sure you submit your application only when it’s complete. Upon completing this step, you can only modify your application if you wish to change your contact details. Your application will need plenty of time considering the high volume of applications.