CSS Exam Syllabus for International Relations

International Relations Syllabus

CSS Exam Syllabus for International Relations

International Relations paper-I CSS Exam (100 marks)

International Relations paper-II CSS Exam (100 marks)

Total Marks: 200 

Subject Code: 19

International Relations (IR) is the 15th Optional subject of group-I. IR syllabus for CSS Exam contains two papers of 100 marks each. As we know that the Group-I optional Subjects carry 200 marks each and they are divided into two papers of 100 marks. 

The CSS Exam syllabus for International Relations contains an in-depth detail that starts from beginner to the expert level. It includes the Introduction of IR, different theories and approaches, International Political Security, various strategic approaches, the concept of international peace unit, the role of international relations between two wars, the cold war, post-cold war, and different contemporary issues. So, you must prepare yourself for the competitive examination for international relations.

Let’s discuss the paper of international relations one by one. 

The Syllabus of International Relations is further divided into two papers:

Paper-I (100 Marks)

Paper-II (100 Marks)

International Relations Syllabus for CSS Exam

Paper-I (Marks-100)

  1. Introduction
  2. Theories and Approaches 
  3. International Political Security
  4. Strategic Approach to International Relation
  5. International Political Economy
  6. International political community
  7. Approaches to Peace
  8. International Political Institution

Let’s discuss it one by one:

  1. Introduction
  • The Definition
  • Scope of International Relations
  • The Nation-State System
  • Evolution of International Society

2. Theories and Approaches 

  • The Classical Approaches
    • Realism
    • Idealism
  • The Scientific Revolution
    • Behavioral Approach
    • System Approach
  • Neo-realism
  • Neo-liberalism
  • Post-modernism
  • Critical Theory
  • Feminism
  • Constructivism

3. International Political Security

  • Conceptualization of security in the Twenty-First century
  • Power
  • Elements of National Power
  • Balance of Power
  • Foreign Policy
    • Determinants
    • Decision Making and Analysis
  • Sovereignty
  • National Interest

4. Strategic Approach to International Relation

  • War
    • Causation of War
    • Total War
    • Limited War
    • Asymmetric Warfare
    • Civil War
  • Guerilla Warfare
  • Strategic Culture
    • Determinants of Pakistani Strategic Culture
  • Deterrence
  • Theory and practice with special reference to India and Pakistan

5. International Political Economy

  • Theories in IPE
    • Mercantilism
    • Economic Liberalism
    • Neo-Marxism
  • Theories of Imperialism
  • Dependence discourse
  • Interdependence discourse

6. International political community

  • Nationalism
  • Internationalism
  • Globalization

7. Approaches to Peace

  • Diplomacy
  • International Law
  • Arms Control
  • Disarmament
  • Nuclear Non-proliferation Regime

8. International Political Institution

  • United Nations
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • World Bank International Court of Justice

CSS Exam syllabus for International Relations

Paper-II (100 Marks)

  1. International Relation between the two Wars
  2. Cold War
  3. Post-Cold War
  4. International and Regional Organizations
  5. Foreign Policy of Selected Countries
  6. South Asia
  7. Weapons of Mass Destruction 
  8. Contemporary Issues 

Let’s discuss it one by one:

  1. International Relation between the two Wars
  • Russian Revolution
  • Fascism
  • League of Nations
  • Second World War

2. Cold War

  • Decolonization in Asia and Africa
  • Rise of the United States and the Soviet Union
  • The era of Tight Bipolarity
  • Détente
  • Loose Bipolarity
  • The revival of the Cold War

3. Post-Cold War

  • End of History
  • Clash of Civilizations
  • Terrorism
  • Globalization
  • Unipolarity (New World Order)
  • Revival of Multi-Polarity

4. International and Regional Organizations

  • League of Nations
  • United Nations
  • Regional Organizations
  • EU
  • SCO
  • OIC
  • ECO
  • WTO
  • Reforms in the United Nations
  • World Bank and the IMF

5. Foreign Policy of Selected Countries

  • USA
  • Russia
  • China
  • UK
  • India
  • Pakistan and the EU

6. South Asia

  • Peace-making and Peace-Building in South Asia
    • Analytical overview of peace processes between/among the states of South Asia especially between India and Pakistan
  • India and Pakistan
    • Overview of agreements and accords
    • Indus Water Treaty
  • Composite Dialogue
    • Sir Creek
    • Siachen border
    • Visa and People to people contact
  • Trade and Role of civil society
  • Afghanistan
    • Cold war theatre
    • Soviet Invasion and Mujahedeen
    • Geneva Accord
  • Post Cold War situation
    • Rise of the Taliban
    • AL-Qaeda
    • 9/11 Attack 
    • Operation Enduring Freedom
  • The Bonn Process-Withdrawal

7. Weapons of Mass Destruction

  • The proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
  • The Nuclear Weapon States
    • Programs and Postures
      • Indian-Pakistan Nuclear Doctrines
  • Nuclear Non –Proliferation Regime
    • International Atomic Energy Agency
    • Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty
    • Nuclear Supplier Group
    • Partial Test Ban Treaty
    • Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
    • Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty
  • Challenges of Non-Proliferation
  • Cooperation for Nuclear Energy 
  • The Missile Defence Systems and their impact on the global strategic environment 
  • Militarization
  • The weaponization of Space

8. Contemporary Issues

  • Euro-Atlantic Vs the Asia Pacific
    • Great Power Policies
  • Kashmir Issue
  • Palestine Issue

How to prepare International Relations  CSS Notes?

International Relations notes are very important and play a vital role in the preparation. You can prepare notes with different mediums. In this regard, notes will make you prepare well as you can cover important topics of international relations for CSS and other related material that is compulsory for IR.

Apart from all these things, you just need a source for making notes of International relations for CSS. Therefore, use digital products to make quick notes by utilizing your time efficiently.

Final Words

In the end, You must go through the CSS international relations syllabus 2020.  ECTI Pakistan hopes that the Syllabus for International Relations will be very helpful for you. Every individual needs proper guidance and Support for the preparation of the Central Competitive Examination

Moreover, we have listed the suggested international relations books for CSS pdf that will give you a deep understanding of all theories and concepts.

For international relations past papers CSS, we have listed international relations CSS past papers 2019 and 2020. You can download or view from the link below

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IR Suggested Books for CSS Exam

Sr.NoTitle Author
World Politics: Trend and Transformation, Ninth EditionCharles W. Kegley JR. and

Eugene R Wittkopf

Contemporary Security and StrategyCraig A. Snyder (ed.)
Theories of International RelationsScott Burchill and Andrew Linklater
Games Nations Play, Seventh Edition John Spanier
International Politics: A Framework for AnalysisHolsti, K.J.
Theory of International PoliticsKenneth N. Waltz
Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear WeaponsJoseph Cirincione
Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: An Historical AnalysisS.M. Burke 
Arms Control: The New Guide to Negotiations and AgreementsJozef Goldblat 
Foreign Policy Making Process: A Case Study of PakistanMoonis Ahmar, ed
Foreign Policy and Political process William Wallace
Nuclear Pakistan: Strategic DimensionsZulfiqar Khan, ed
Explaining Foreign PolicyLlyod Jenson
Essentials readings in World PoliticsKaren Mingst
The world in Collision: Terror and the Future of Global Order Ken Booth and Tim Dunne, ed

So, grab the International Relations books to prepare the CSS Exam syllabus for international relations.