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CSS Medical Examination Guidelines

CSS Medical AssesmentAfter a successful shortlisting in the CSS written examination, here is the next step. You have to undergo a detailed medical check-up. It is to check the physical state of health. 

A Medical Board formed by FPSC Islamabad conducts the entire process.

CSS Medical Examination for disabled Candidates

For the disabled candidates, FPSC Islamabad requires a medical certificate for their disability(s) as mentioned in the FPSC constitution. 

The disabled candidates have a choice to serve into any of four groups to join:

  1. Pakistan Audit and Accounts
  2. Commerce And Trade
  3. Postal Services
  4. Information Services

A writing helper can assist them in the CSS written exam if they require it. FPSC Islamabad allows 15 extra minutes in addition to the normal examination time to the blind (Visually Impaired) candidates.

We strongly recommend that before applying for the CSS Exam, you must undergo a detailed medical examination to avoid any disappointment while CSS medical Check-ups.

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