CSS Special Exam 2020 – Special Chance to become a CSP Officer

CSS Special Exam 2020

On May 14, 2020, FPSC sent a draft summary for approval to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to conduct the CSS Special Exam in 2020. It is to fulfill the vacant seats against the FPSC provincial quota. These 188 seats were lying vacant or carrying forward as they remained unfulfilled for the past few years.

The Prime minister of Pakistan has now approved the summary to conduct the CSS Special exam in 2020. It will improve the provincial seat-balance in the federal services through the CSS Special Exam.

FPSC will arrange the CSS SPECIAL EXAM in November or December 2020 to fill the gap in the various cadres of the Central Superior Service of Pakistan.

CSS Special Exam 2020 for 188 Vacant Positions

To uplift the underdeveloped areas by selecting CSP officers through the CSS Special Exam is a bold step. We already have a history of CSS Special Exam back in the General Zia-ul Haq regime, where a special induction was there to fill the carried forward FPSC vacant posts. Now in 2020, it will again boost confidence in the CSS aspirants living in those areas. 

In this particular selection, all the selected officers for their respective posts will be regular CSP officers. So, on a seniority basis, they can have an advantage over CSS 2021 passed officers by a few months or days. It can be possible if the result of the CSS Special Exam comes earlier than CSS 2021.

Seat Distribution for CSS Special Exam 2020 

The distribution of 188 vacant posts against the quota is as follows:

Punjab Minorities39 Posts
Balochistan49 Posts
Sindh Rural41 Posts
Sindh Urban19 Posts
KPK22 Posts
Formally Tribal Areas/FATA/GB16 Posts
AJ&K02 Posts

FPSC usually conducts CSS exams once in a year, but the vacancies were carried forward for a long time. The main reason was the failure of the students in the CSS exam in Pakistan. So, FPSC could not fulfill these vacant posts for the past few years.

There are 12 groups for the candidates, whereas the top three ( DMG, Police, Foreign Service) generally become fulfilled by the optional selection of the passing CSS candidates. The following remaining groups are seeking candidates to fill the vacant posts:

  • Inland Revenue
  • Information
  • Railways
  • Postal Service

Generally, because of the priority or preference, these cadres remain unfulfilled. If you pass the CSS Special Exam 2020, you may have to select one of the above-said services groups.

FPSC will conduct CSS Special Exam this year, probably in November or December. The 19 test centers for CSS Special Exam will remain intact across Pakistan. 

CSS Special Exam 2020 Age Limit

In the draft summary of the CSS Special Exam 2020, there may be an additional two years age relaxation in the upper age limit while the maximum age for regular CSS Exam is 30 years to appear. In this case, the upper age limit maybe 32 years. Similarly, we can add two additional years to the regular age relaxation.  

We can add two more years in standard cases we consider for the CSS exam every year. For example, the government employees from those specific areas can avail of this golden chance even if they are 34 years old. 

Similarly, candidates from AJ&K, Gilgit Baltistan, Scheduled casts and Tribal Areas, Formally FATA, etc. can add two more years to the regular age relaxation in the CSS exam.

The lower age limit remains constant as 21 years. Kindly note that FPSC counts and calculates the aspirants’ ages on December 31 every year. 

Special CSS Exam Minimum Age Criteria

This Special CSS exam age relaxation criteria remain the same as in the regular CSS Exam rules. 

Read the CSS Exam age relaxation criteria for candidates.

Qualification Criteria for Special CSS Exam 

FPSC kept the applying criteria the same as in the routine CSS Exam. If you lay within the additional age criteria and the given areas of the quota, you can avail of the appearing chance of the Special CSS Exam 2020.

Read More about CSS Exam qualification requirements 

How to Apply CSS Special Exam 2020?

There will be only an online application submission process to get into the written exam. All the hard copies of documents/certificates will be required if the candidate passes the written exam. 

The online application process is the same as in the routine CSS exam online application process.

FPSC will advertise about it in the leading newspapers of Pakistan and, of course, on its official website in the coming days. Stay connected to apply.

CSS online application submission process 

Special CSS Exam 2020 Last Date to Apply

Until the FPSC particular advertisement in the leading newspapers of Pakistan and on its official website, nothing is final. However, there will be a short time to apply online. FPSC has to take the CSS Special Exam in November or December 2020, so it seems that it will be a short time to apply. 

CSS Special Exam 2020 Advertisement

We expect FPSC to announce the CSS Special Exam rules and other concerns very soon. In August 2020, we hope for the advertisement along with all details.

Special CSS Exam Syllabus

In the draft summary, there seems no change. 

CSS Special Exam Attempt Count

As in the draft summary, there is nothing about the attempt count. Logically, FPSC can’t count the attempt. If so, then there is no reason for this Exam to fill the seats.


There are five essential things in this Special CSS Exam 2020: 

Advantage 1- Add 2 More Years in Upper Age Limit Relaxation 

In the regular CSS Exam age relaxation, FPSC gives two years of age relaxation in the upper age limit in specific criteria. 

The first one is two more years of age relaxation in upper age relaxation into the regular age relaxation for the CSS exam. 

Advantage 2- Don’t Count It a Chance

There are three chances in the CSS exam provided that the upper age limit reaches the end, including age relaxation if any. If you apply for CSS Special Exam 2020, you will not lose the chance if you couldn’t pass the exam. You can use this special event even if you have availed of three opportunities, but you have to be eligible in age criteria.

It will not affect your general chance. Instead, it is a golden opportunity to succeed. In our opinion, you should take the chance if you are lying under the eligibility mark.

Advantage 3- No tuff Marking Expected

CSS in Pakistan is a difficult one as compared to other competitive exams. It would be best if you had the highest competence to get it won. 

But, now, you can get this historical advantage to achieve your dream position. There is no change. It is the same as for the CSS exam that FPSC takes every year.

As we profess, there will be leverage in the Marking for the candidates from the said areas. We say it for a reason. If the routine tuff marking will be intact, so there is no logic to conduct a Special Exam within a year. 

It could be more comfortable to fill the required seats in the general CSS Exam that FPSC takes every year. 

The apparent purpose is to get in the average CSS aspirants of the specific areas to fill the vacant-post-gap. You can say that without leverage in marking, it will not be possible.

Advantage 04- We Assume Easy Question Papers

We expect FPSC will offer less complicated questions to solve. FPSC knows well the low competence of the applicants of those particular areas.

Advantage 05- Easy Psychological Test expected

As compared to the general CSS Exam, the CSS Special Exam can be more relaxed. After all, every year, FPSC can’t go for a Special exam to fill the vacant posts.

Advantage 05- Easy Interview for Fast Recruitment

You can expect less difficulty in this exam. The prime reason is to fill the vacant posts to meet the fundamental objective of this exam.

How to prepare?

For eligible applicants, the sudden announcement of the CSS Special Exam has made it challenging to prepare. In case of failure, you can have a practice for CSS Exam 2021. Although they will not lose their chance, they can try.

On the other hand, if they go to hit the target with full efforts and energy, they have less time to prepare. 

To prepare fast, they can go for compact studies. Fast and furious than usual. ECTI Pakistan can help them to win this chance in the CSS Special Exam 2020. 

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