CSS Viva-Voce Guidelines – CSS 2022

CSS viva voce

The Forth and final stage for the CSS Examination process is CSS Viva-Voce. To check the moral attributes, weaknesses, and strengths, Intelligence, and leadership traits, interviewers play their parts. Moreover, the candidate is going to be the elite part of government authorities, so the check well before the selection.

You can say it’s a personality or service -suitability test. To qualify for Viva-Voce you need a minimum of 100 marks out of 300 marks. That’s why ECTI Pakistan focuses on groomed-personality training with broad-vision counseling. The ECTI Pakistan trains the CSS candidates up to the FPSC standards. We focus on Effective communication skills from start to end.

Our CSS preparatory sessions potentialize you by learning the art of study, presentation, and examination. The interviewers count your way of talking and your fluency in the language. They can have some cross-questions to check your metal patience level. ECTI Pakistan optimise a total personality boost. its nothing but creativity, uniqueness, and quality deliverance. Your preparation must be over their expectations to succeed. We recommend you to have testified knowledge to appear.

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