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Deakin University Scholarships 2021

Deakin University Scholarships


Are you looking for scholarships to study fully funded in Australia? Deakin University Scholarships are providing various scholarships for different levels of education, including bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. scholarships at the Australia University 2021.

Australian government scholarships consist of multiple categories based on their structure. They are Government Scholarships, External Scholarships and University Funded as well. The community engagement projects, research, and courses offered at this leading university in Australia are of the highest quality.

The 14 universities comprised highly skilled and motivated staff that encourages students to have practical experience in their respective field of interest. A welcoming environment and world-class facilities are also available to students.

At all academic levels, scholarship opportunities are available for more than 1000 students. If you want to avail of the scholarship, then there is an eligibility criterion that is you should get the offer letter from by university. Courses have different deadlines. Life-changing opportunities will be given to scholars to help them manage expenses.

Deakin University Scholarships in Australia 2021:


  • Deakin University


  • Australia

Education Level:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Graduate-level, Master’s degree
  • PhD level

Deakin University Scholarships Categories:

  • Scholarships under the Australian Government
  • University of Deakin Scholarships
  • Scholarships from outside the university

Deakin University Scholarships:

Among the scholarships available at Deakin University for MS and PhD studies:

  • Scholarships from the Australian Government
  • Scholarships offered by Endeavor
  • Scholarship offered in HDR.
  • Postgraduate Research Scholarship at Deakin University

Scholarships for undergraduate study at Deakin University:

  • Partnership Bursary of the CICRA
  • Scholarship Program funded by Deakin University
  • The Vice-Chancellor awards scholarships for academic excellence
  • Scholarship of 20% for Deakin India Undergraduates
  • International Merit Scholarship Deakin
  • International Scholarship at Deakin University
  • Latin American Scholarship at Deakin
  • Scholarship for STEM at Deakin University
  • Excellence Scholarship awarded by The Deakin Institute
  • Dean’s Scholarship for International Study
  • 100% Meritorious Scholarship from the Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University
  • Scholarship for Agricultural Students at Midfield Group

External Scholarships:

Scholarships for Undergraduate Students:

  • Program for scholarships under the Colombo Plan of the Australian Government
  • Scholarships for Veterans’ Children
  • Bendigo Banks and Adelaide Banks Scholarships
  • Scholarships from the Bradman Foundation
  • Hardship Scholarship Assistance for Lawyers COVID-19
  • State Government Scholarship for Victorians
  • Scholarships for Western Chance
  • Argente Scholarship in Law

Graduate and Undergraduate Levels:

  • Scholarship in Data-Driven Analytics
  • Scholarship in Medicine Timothy Steele
  • Australia Fullbright Scholarship
  • HKIS Scholarship and Awards
  • The Digital Marketing Scholarship is the mark of trust in marketing.
  • Inspiron Scholarships for Tertiary Health
  • Grants for international students through PACK & SEND
  • Award for a Real Future
  • Scholarships for Australia Refractive
  • ASSI Scholarships
  • A gift to support Australian seniors’ ageing well
  • BusinessCover Scholarship
  • Award is given to Brian Boak for leading performance
  • Scholarship for Charlie Bell
  • Choosi Futures Program
  • Digital Marketing Scholarship at Contevo
  • Scholarship for Cooperative Research Centres in Cyber Security
  • Scholarships from SSL Trust for cybersecurity
  • Scholarship Program for Roberts Gray Lawyers
  • Grants for RSPCA Pet Insurance Future Animal Carers
  • A Fintech Scholarship for Savvy Entrepreneurs
  • Scholarship program for Westside residents


  • Scholarship for Ramsay Postgraduate Students
  • The Victoria Scholarship for Women Graduates

Scholarship in Research Studies:

  • Scholarship for Graduate Women
  • Scholarships Fulbright
  • Data61 Scholarships

Indigenous Students Scholarships:

  • Scholarship for Indigenous Women at Victoria University
  • Scholarships from the Australian Rotary Foundation for Health Partners
  • AUSS Scholarship for Indigenous Education

Benefits of Scholarships:

  • Student tuition fee waiver
  • Allocations for accommodation
  • Airline allowance
  • Stipend per month

(Different scholarship categories provide different benefits)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You can apply if you are an international student.
  • Academic achievement is crucial for a candidate.
  • Language proficiency is essential for candidates.
  • Students or those enrolled in degree programs should be eligible to apply.

How to apply? 

  • Before applying for admission, a candidate must fill out an application.
  • To apply for a Deakin scholarship, candidates must check eligibility criteria.
  • Depending on the scholarship category, certain documents may be required.

Submission Deadline:

  • Candidates should consult the official website for details about the deadlines of the scholarships.