English Precis and Composition | Syllabus for CSS Exam

English Precis and Composition

English Precis and Composition Syllabus-(Revised for 2021)


Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Total Marks: 100 MARKS

In the PMS and CSS competitive exams, English papers of Precis and Composition Carry 100 marks. It is to check the core ability of the communication of a candidate. This paper includes precision writing, reading comprehension, sentence structure, translation, grammar, and vocabulary to assess the level of competence.

 List of Topics with Marks

  1. Precis Writing (20 marks)
  2. Reading Comprehension (20 marks)
  3. Grammar and Vocabulary (20 marks)
  4. Sentence Correction (10 marks)
  5. Grouping of Words (10 marks)
  6. Pairs of Words (10 marks)
  7. Translation (10 marks)

Details of Topics

  • Precis Writing (20 marks)

Precis writing is an artistic skill to understand a topic generically. One must be flexible enough to compress it as short as it should not lose the spirit and information we need. 

It will be an unseen passage with an orientation to understand for flexible compression to precise the passage. Moreover, you need to suggest the most suitable title of the passage. 

The marks distribution is as under:

Total Marks 20

  • Suggesting Title 05 Marks
  • Precis of the Passage 15 Marks

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  • Reading Comprehension (20 marks)

It is to check the level of comprehension of a candidate by reading an unseen passage. There will be 4 questions at the end of the passage and each question carries 4 marks. 

The answers will tell the examiner whether the candidate is able to understand the short unseen passage by reading it within a time frame. It is further to check either answer testifies the good comprehension of the candidate or not. 

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  • Grammar and Vocabulary (20 marks)

The entire question is to check the technical language command of a candidate. It consists of the correct and best usage of Tense, Articles, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Punctuation, Phrasal Verbs, Synonyms, and Antonyms, etc. 

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  • Sentence Correction (10 marks)

To check the command on punctuation or grammar, there will be few sentences having structural flaws. You have to rewrite them correctly in terms of grammar and punctuation. There is no need to make any unnecessary alterations at all. Every stance will have different mistakes. It may be one or more mistakes in a single sentence to check your competence.

  • Grouping of Words (10 marks)

There will be twenty moderate selected groups of words ( neither very easy nor too difficult). These groups of words may have similar, different, or opposite meanings. You have to make a group of words with similar or opposite meanings. There will be clear instructions on what to do with these groups of words. 

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  • Pairs of Words (10 marks)

Ten pairs of words will be in this question of seemingly similar words with different meanings. These pairs of words generally confuse us in our communication. It is to check out the understanding of the difference in the meaning. You have to choose the best five of them. At first,  explain them in parenthesis and then use them in a mature sentence. 

See the list of Pairs of Words

  • Translation (10 marks)

To see the best and accurate English translation, ten short Urdu sentences are in this question. It involves a structural composition, significant terms, and figurative/idiomatic expressions to translate in the best way. Your regular practice will enable you to have a good command of it.

Learn the art of 

Urdu to English Translation

English to Urdu Translation

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  1. Title: English Grammar in Use

Author: Raymond Murphy, Cambridge University Press

  1. Title: Practical English Usage

Author: M.Swan, Oxford University Press

  1. Title: The Little, Brown Handbook

Author: H. Ramsey Flower & Jane Aaron (The Little, Brown & Co; Harper Collins.)

  1. Title: A University English Grammar

Author: R. Quirk & S. Greenbaum (ELBS; Longmans)

  1. Title: Write Better, Speak Better

Author: Readers Digest Association

  1. Title: Modern English in Action

Author: Henry Christ, (D.C. Heath & Co.)

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