European Parliament Traineeship 2021

European Parliament Traineeship

Would you like to be part of the heartbeat of the European Parliament Traineeship? You’ve got a chance now! A member of the European Parliament may offer paid traineeships at their offices in the European Parliament in Brussels (or Strasbourg) if there is an agreement between them.

To contribute to the training of young citizens, as well as helping them become more familiar with the workings of the European Union, the European Parliament offers several traineeships on its Secretariat’s premises. Typically, traineeships are awarded for five months.

Training and education can be enhanced through a traineeship. Understanding how the members of the European Parliament operate will help you to appreciate their work more fully.

MEPs can undertake a wide range of training. Members of Parliament who award the traineeship will assign specific tasks for them to complete during the traineeship.

During a European Parliament Traineeship, a member of parliament decides whether it should last for six weeks or five consecutive months. All seasons are suitable for it.

 The Benefits of this Program

As part of the traineeship program, trainees receive between EUR 816 and EUR 1339 per month.

 Criteria for Eligibility

Trainees are chosen at the discretion of the members. The candidate must, however, fulfill the following criteria:

  • 18 years or older (you may request a derogation from this age limit if it is duly substantiated)
  • Applicants that are nationals of EU member state can apply for it. 
  • Despite this, Members may offer training to nationals of third countries as long as they meet visa requirements
  • A secondary school leaving certificate or an equivalent certificate from a technical or higher education program, or a university degree
  • Being proficient in the language of one of the official European Union institutions
  • An intern shall not have an employment contract during their training
  • You cannot have been a trainee or parliamentary assistant to a Member, regardless of whether you were local or accredited.

Regional Eligibility: Open to all

A Process for Application

You must contact the members of the European Parliament directly to apply.

See Apply Now for more details.