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Evangelisches Studienwerk Scholarship – 2021

Evangelisches Studienwerk Scholarship


Evangelisches Studienwerk Scholarship is a worldwide scholarship program that allows students to carry further their education. It is a German university that is open for applications to those who want to study in Germany. The university supports all fields and disciplines. The most important thing that an institution must have excellent faculty for their respectable programs and they should have a keen interest in their interdisciplinary topics.

Their goal is to provide financial support throughout all of the students’ academic careers without trial periods. We hope to give students the chance to learn more about Evangelisches Studienwerk, about its different offerings, and allow them to take part in shaping things.

Students at Evangelisches Studienwerk receive intensive and individual support, a wide variety of seminars, as well as a responsible allocation of scholarships. 

When it comes to the scholarship, the students get the scholarship of 597 Euros along with the study expenses and much more incentives.

Place of residence: Germany

Evangelisches Studienwerk Scholarship Advantages

  • Scholarships from Evangelisches Studienwerk include a monthly allowance and academic opportunities:
  • A monthly allowance of up to 649 EUR plus 300 EUR for study-related expenses
  • Summer university The Villigst Campus hosts several seminars during the summer months.
  • The interdisciplinary setting for discussions of issues brings together academics, experts, students, and graduates with differing backgrounds.

Work or study abroad

  • To gain professional competence and to broaden one’s horizons, one needs to acquire global experience. For this reason, Evangelisches Studienwerk actively encourages students to take part in international programs, by covering tuition and expenses for studying abroad.
  • In terms of work practice, the Evangelical Studies Workplace supports mandatory internships for up to one semester.
  • In Democracy Villigst, students are encouraged to participate in the institution’s life through democratic processes. They are represented throughout all levels of Studienwerk’s management.
  • In addition to the Director of Studies, students receive comprehensive support and advice at their university location.

 Criteria for Eligibility

We are looking for students who are passionate about their subject, achieve good results, have a sense of responsibility, and would like to continue their studies. There are formal requirements for the application:

  • Evidence of social commitment (such as church or politics) and specialist suitability.
  • Applicant must have membership of the protestant church.
  • Another thing that needs to be aware of is that the german training act requires the nationals of the member state of EU country.
  • Other than the germans, the applicants must have good german language skills (DSH Certification, TestDaf for International Learners of German Language)
  • A valid university entrance qualification (such as an undergraduate or graduate degree)
  • Hence, students must not have advanced beyond the 3rd semester of the subject when applying (March/September).

Exception: Immigrants who wish to study in Germany can apply past the 3rd semester. At the time of pre-selection during the application process, a minimum of four semesters of the subject must remain to be studied.

  • Students pursuing a dual degree have to examine the initial semesters of their study course.
  • Applicants over the age of 35 must attach a special application (to the information sheet for special applications).
  • The processing fee (12 euros) is due upon the receipt of the application.

Eligible Regions: 

  • EU member states
  • Germany (foreigner or citizen)
  • If you register through the official website link, you can access the online application portal with your log-in information by e-mail.
  • It may take a while before you receive your password.
  • As soon as you log in, you can access the application data and process it until the application deadline.
  • To submit your application, you must click the “Finalize entries” link on the portal’s first page.
  • You will get an email confirmation that the application documents have arrived on time once they have been processed.
  • Once your documents are checked, they will notify you. You will then be invited to an interview for the pre-selection committee to decide if you are eligible for the two-day main selection process. A group interview and an individual interview are conducted at Haus Villigst (Schwerte) between February and July each year. You must appear personally for the pre-selection and main selection processes.
  • Within the process, all communication is done by e-mail. Please make sure you are available to talk by e-mail and let us know right away if your contact information changes. In addition, we would like you to know that your data will be processed electronically and shared with participants in the selection process.
  • Apply by clicking the apply now link.

Application Deadlines and Fees

We can only accept you into the support program if you have begun your studies or will commence them the next possible time after the selection process. Applicants should always apply for the process if they have not yet started their studies.

  • Admissions for the winter semester are due on March 1st (midnight).
  • Preselection occurs in April and May and the main selection occurs in July and August.
  • Summer semester applications are due by midnight on September 1st.
  • The preselection process takes place then in October/November and the main selection process occurs in February/March.

For processing your application of Evangelisches Studienwerk Scholarship, you’ll have to pay 12 Euros.