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Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship 2021

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship


Is there any chance that you could study in Germany for free? International students may apply for a Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany. Scholarships around the globe can help you look at German universities. For international students interested in studying in Germany, the Germany Scholarship is funded through the German Government’s “DAAD Scholarship Program”. Free study is one of Germany’s best opportunities.

Scholarships for international students from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation 2021/22

International Scholarships will get awards from the Government of Germany each year. DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarships are the second-largest scholarship program by the DAAD after the DAAD Scholarships.

Free study in Germany is the dream of every student. The German Government is going to announce that international and local students are will not pay tuition. Therefore, education in Germany is free for everyone.

Applications for Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships are open from students in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Around 40 scholarships are available in Germany every year through this International Scholarship program that is sponsor by FES sponsorships.

You can pursue any degree program in any significant and academic field. A student can apply for the program regardless of their subject area as long as they demonstrate excellent academic achievement, wish to study in Germany, and live by social democratic values. Learn as much as you can while you are in Europe.

Applicants with excellent academic records who were in various social activities to benefit society are encouraged to apply to this highly funded scholarship in Germany, which is fully funded at the same time. Scholarships do not need to be repaid.

  • Host Country: Germany
  • In the Scholarship program, several top German universities are participating.
  • Scholarships provided by the German Government (under the DAAD program).
  • A total of 40 fellowships.
  • Financial Coverage: Complete Finance (No tuition fees, so everything is paid with a stipend)
  • Degree Level: Multiple fields of study are available at the diploma, bachelor, and master’s levels.

Benefits Of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship:

Do you want to apply for Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships (German Government Scholarships)? Take advantage of the opportunity to apply for free education in Germany and make sure your future is bright. Note: In Germany, universities do not charge tuition fees, so you do not have to pay any. Below is a list of expenses that are scholarships contain.

To cover this expense, FESF offers the following scholarship program:

  1. Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship Program will waive the tuition fee (As no tuition cost in Germany).
  2. Students from outside the European Union are eligible for a stipend of EUR 750 per month (undergraduate, diploma, masters, state exams).
  3. ┬áStudents from outside the UK who are in a Masters’s program will receive an extra EUR 850.
  4. Scholarships with a child receive a monthly family allowance of EUR 276 for health insurance.
  5. No repayment.

Degrees Included:

In German universities, students can choose from a variety of academic fields and majors.

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships:

Student applicants from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe can apply for Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships.


There are a few requirements you need to meet before you apply for a scholarship with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation:

  1. Firstly, An Outstanding student (where applicable, first graded academic proofs)
  2. Participation in social and political life and adherence to social democratic ideals.
  3. Applicants should be dependable, responsible, and motivated to engage in the Foundation’s network
  4. Further, You must have sufficient German language knowledge even though courses will be taught in English


Scholarship applicants can apply at any time since there is no fixed deadline.

Application Process

Interestingly, Applicants worldwide are can apply online according to their fields of interest and degree levels. More information will be on the official website of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships.