German Chancellor Fellowship 2021

German Chancellor Fellowship

This German Chancellor Fellowship Programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is new university graduate students from Brazil, India, the People’s Republic of China, South Africa, and the US, who are want to join it in international affairs and have some leadership experience. During the conference, leaders from a variety of fields, including political, business, and social and cultural sectors gather.

The fellowship program enables them to spend a year exploring new solutions to global issues of our time and expanding their networks in Germany. With this program, it is the best opportunity for Germany to represent itself as a choice of dialogue for international leaders.

As part of the Fellowship Programme, the Federal Foreign Office funds and oversees academic programs abroad. Further, the federal chancellor sponsors the complete fellowship program.

Approximately 60 Chancellor Fellowships are annually by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation – ten out of them go to the six you can check their list above. The fellows are the lucky ones as they can get the chance to be sponsored by the german academic (DAAD) or any other organization in your study. The Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme is for scientists and scholars planning academic research projects.

The location is Germany

 Aspects of the German Chancellor Fellowship program

  • In the absence of financial responsibility on the part of third parties, fellows’ travel expenses are reimburse.
  • For at least three months, families who accompany their children can qualify for family allowances (up to a monthly maximum of 346 euros per child and a maximum of 289 euros per adult).
  • In Germany during the fellowship, they have to settle flat-rate incentives for the fellows who accompany the children below the age of 18 for three months period. (400 EUR for 1st and 100 for more additional.)
  • The host in Germany will receive a subsidy of 500 EUR a month for research costs.
  • During the fellowship, if necessary to ensure the success of the project, a fellow will have the opportunity to stay at an institute in another European country (but not their own).
  • Besides providing a substantial alumni sponsorship program to help alumni advance professionally after staying in Germany, we have also created a substantial alumni network program to facilitate the networking of alumni with potential German partners.
  • When it comes to the grant of fellowship. It will be 2,170 EUR, 2470 EUR, and 2770 EUR. It depends on the academic qualification of the fellow.

 Criteria for eligibility

  • A Bachelor’s degree or a comparable academic degree completed within the past twelve years. It is essential to calculate these twelve years from 1 October of the year of selection.
  • First-hand experience as a leader. For applicants with an academic background, they should have acquired some initial leadership experience.
  • German and English language skills.
  • Describe your motivation in a letter.
  • It is mandatory for candidates to independently draw up a 12-month project plan and to come to an agreement with their intended host before applying.
  • An exchange agreement detailing the research facilities of a host in Germany.
  • Referees with expertise in the candidate’s professional, personal, or academic background.

Eligible Regions: 

  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • USA

Process of Applying

  • The details of your project should be discussed with your chosen host before applying.
  • For applications of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, you must submit the application online.
  • The deadline for submitting online applications and associated documents is the application deadline.
  • The application will be acknowledged after submission.
  • A selection meeting is conducted in each country of the program where candidates are invited to be interviewed after being selected from all formally eligible applications.
  • Independent selection committees interview applicants and examine their proposals. Funding for fellowships is allocated by the country of the fellowship.
  • Furthermore, the selection process includes a discussion on a general topic.

There is still time to apply until October 15, 2021 (145 days to go)