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Global Korea Scholarship 2021 – Study in Korea

Global Korea Scholarship


Welcome to the Global Korea Scholarship 2021, we are open for admissions to submit your application in time and win a chance to be a part of Korean University. In South Korea, the Global Korea Scholarship 2021 fully funds master’s and doctoral degree programs. Korea sponsors this international scholarship. 1278 international students from 155 countries will receive KGSP 2021 scholarships to pursue their graduate-level education (master’s or doctoral) or research in Korea.

Student selection will be divided among several South Korean universities. To increase its international contacts and competitiveness, Korea’s Ministry of Education aims to expand education abroad. In the last year, Korea has offered more than 104,000 scholarships to international students.

Applicants have a large variety of fields to choose from, allowing them to pursue their career in any field of their choice. This scholarship can be applied for either through the Korean Embassy in their country or directly through a Korean domestic university.

Are there any good reasons to study in South Korea? In comparison to European countries, South Korea offers well-prepared scholarships, affordable living expenses, and affordable accommodations. International students can experience various cities of South Korea, grow cross-culturally, and explore international laboratories.

This South Korean scholarship is quite competitive and among the top ones in the world. Other fully-funded international scholarships include the Fulbright Scholarship, the China Government Scholarship, the Australia Award Scholarship, the Turkey Burslari Scholarship, and the Austrian Government Scholarship.

Additional scholarship opportunities include Brunei Darausallam, Romanian Government scholarships, New Zealand Government awards, Netherlands Government awards, Stipendium Hungricum awards, and Daad awards in Germany. 

Korean Government Scholarships | Study in Korea 2020:

Host Country:

  • South Korea

Course Level:

  • Master’s Degree Programs
  • Ph.D. Programs
  • Research Programs

University and subjects offered:

  • General information can be found in the ‘2021 GKS-G Available Universities & Fields of Study’ file attached to the Application Guidelines. Further information is available from each university.

Scholarship Duration:

  • 4 years for a doctoral degree 
    • Korean language program lasting a year.
    • The regular three-year degree program
  • Master’s Degree Program: 3 years 
    • 1 year of the Korean language program
    • 2 years of a degree program
  • Research Program: 6 Months 

Scholarship benefits of the Korean Government Scholarship 2021:

South Korea’s fully-funded scholarship will cover all expenses for selected students. Scholarships will cover:

  • Airfare (Return flight ticket)
  • Once-off settlement allowance: 200,000 KRW
  • In the Degree Program, the monthly allowance is 900,000 KRW, in the Research Program, it is 1,500,000 KRW.
  • Grant for Research
    • Students majoring in Liberal Arts or Social Sciences: 210,000 KRW per semester
    • Majors in Natural Science and Engineering: 240,000 KRW per semester
  • Training for 1 year in the Korean Language: Fully covered.
  • Tuition for degree programs: Fully covered
  • Thesis (dissertation) printing fee reimbursement
  • The medical insurance premium is 20,000KRW per month.
  • A degree completion grant is worth 100,000 KRW.
  • Korean Proficiency Grants: 100,000 KRW per month

Qualifications for Global Korea Scholarship 2021 in South Korea:

  • You can apply if you’re an international student.
  • Korean citizens cannot apply.
  • Graduate candidates have to be under the age of 40 to apply.
  • Graduate applicants must possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with a minimum of 90% marks.
  • The Korean scholarship cannot be used by someone who has already received it.
  • The candidate’s health should be good.

Global Korea Scholarship 2021 – How to Apply?

Korea Government Scholarship Program 2021 is available in two ways.  

  • The Korean embassy needs a candidate to send the original documents or attested copies.
  • Candidates, however, must submit all required documents directly to the university when applying directly.
  • A student applying through the embassy can apply to three universities, while a student applying directly to the university can apply only to one.
  • The Embassy track process did not consist of a final selection round for students passing their second round.

GKS South Korea Scholarship Document Requirements:

  • Reference letters
  • Certified transcripts
  • Purpose Statement
  • Awards
  • Publications of books
  • Diploma of Proficiency
  • Health Assessment form

Applications are due by:

  • The deadlines for the Korean embassy in your country and your domestic university may vary, so hurry up and apply as soon as possible.

For more information about the Global Korea Scholarship in 2020, visit: