How to get prepared for CSS Exam 2022

Get Prepared for CSS Exams

Online CSS Exam Preparation 2022

ECTI Pakistan provides the best opportunity to grab the top position in the CSS Exam 2021. Most of the candidates are from remote areas or living in areas where they cant get CSS Exam Preparation online coaching or tuition. Although, CSS exam is the most challenging and hard to crack but with ECTI Pakistan, yet you can win the game.

ECTI Pakistan, using the latest technology and their experts prepares the CSS students best for the examination.

CSS Written Test

The CSS written tests are entirely different as you got in the academic studies. The CSS examination starts with written tests. It consists of twelve papers in total. A group of SIX compulsory and SIX optional subjects are on board. Check All CSS Subject Details Here

In compulsory subjects, you have to pass each subject with 40% marks. Similarly, each optional subject needs 33% to clear the paper. 

Altogether, you have to reach a mark of 600 to become a short-listed candidate for the medical examination. The CSS examination is a hard one to crack. Thousands of students apply every year but only 2% could pass the written examination. 

In a recent survey, ECTI Pakistan found that students are preparing the subjects as they are in academic studies. The required exposure needs some diversified and mature material. 

We found that ‘English’ as a core subject, becomes a big hurdle to pass the CSS Exam. You might be thinking about the grammar only but it’s more than that. The examiner is seeking the globality of knowledge as a competitive ability. 

Improper preparation is our second concern. The CSS exam, as an elite concern, needs some special preparation. It must be an updated one. Your presentation style must be reader-engaging and should be on international standards.

How to Get Prepared for CSS Written Exam?  

We as a team of experts, determine the level of input to have the desired results. ECTI Pakistan provides training and counseling for the preparation of the CSS examination periodically. With this creative stuff, you clutch the targetted studies and learn the art of presentation and examination for CSS Written Exam

Most of the students are preparing it with the input of knowledge. But from the CSS perspective, we consider it more to deliver. 

ECTI Pakistan through its Online CSS Preparatory Sessions trains on practicing lines. We deal with English through a premium strategy. Just for a glance, the topper of English essay paper wrote around 29 pages of a standard sheet. 

We are still leading. The translation, precision, and comprehension are mastery. you need to learn the art.

With the most improvised and focused coaching, you learn the art to optimize your potential. It gives you an advantage over others to fight well.

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