ISSB Test Preparation – Complete Procedure for ISSB Preparation

ISSB test Preparation Complete process

Pakistan Armed forces (Army, Airforce & Navy) are at the top among all forces in the world in which the youth is dedicated and passionate enough to serve the nation. So, if you want to be a part of any of the armed forces, you should go through the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) with the best ISSB Test Preparation. It is a board of Commissioned Expert officers that are in the Selection board. They will check the competence of different individuals through various tests. So you should have in-depth knowledge of the ISSB tests from the ISSB test Preparation. 

ISSB Test Preparation – Tasks & Interviews

When it comes to the tests for the  ISSB Preparation, they are :

  1. Psychological test
  2. G.T.O (Group Testing Officer)
  3. Physical Tasks
  4. Interview
  5. Essential Tips and Tactics for interview

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Psychological Test

A psychological test is one of the critical and vital tests in the ISSB from which the candidate is passed to check the candidate’s physiological ability. The test split into three parts:

  1. ISSB intelligence tests
  2. Analogy Tests
  3. Self Description test

Intelligence Tests

The first test in the ISSB Test Preparation is the intelligence test to check the capability and intelligence of candidates. These written intelligence tests are not very difficult, but they should use their capacity and gain knowledge to solve the problems. Besides, there are simple questions in the intelligence test of just yes or no answer. It contains verbal & non-verbal, general knowledge, and Mechanical aptitude tests. 

Analogy Tests

The second section of the physiological test is analogy tests. You should complete the quiz to win the race. It comprises of:

  • One-word Substitution
  • Word Association Test
  • Sentence Completion Test
  • Jumbled Words, 
  • Letter Distinction
  • Alphabetical Test
  • Missing Letter Completion
  • Letter Distinction
  • Direction Test
  • Common Sense Test
  • Synonyms
  • Multiple Choice
  • Completion Test
  • Coding & Decoding tests

In the analogy test, a Word association test indicates to the psychologist that the candidates make new ideas in his mind. The candidate is screened through the 50 words tested, and each word will be on board. The completion time for each term is 15 seconds using a stimulus.

Self Description Test

In the ISSB psychological test, the most important among all is the Self Description test. You have to write about yourself. You must focus on How to explain/describe yourself at best?

In this regard, add the opinion of your family, teachers, and friends about yourself. The interviewing officer studies the test and knows about the candidate to give the idea without watching or talking with the candidate.

It would be best if you focused on the description. You must know everything that you will describe yourself and write quickly to finish in the required time. You should not reveal your weaknesses and if there is a weakness, then cover it by any end. 

Moreover, the best practice is to tell them various aspects of your personality. They can be your physical Knowledge, Abilities, Skills, Social characteristics, Educational Background, and Interests. By that, they can access you more easily. This test technique is used to access the authenticity of the information.

G.T.O (Group Testing Officer)

After passing the Psychological tests, the next candidate will face the G.T.O. Tasks. G.T.O. Stands for “Group Testing officer” that is supervising the indoor and outdoor tasks. G.T.O.’s main aim is to observe the candidate in any manner to check the physical competencies and leadership skills. On the day 3 and 4 of your ISSB that it comprises a lot of physical activities.

You must be confident while doing tasks like group discussion and Group planning for functions. The most important thing you must keep while doing the G.T.O. Tasks is the focus because there are many distractions during your G.T.O. Commanding tasks. You should focus on planning and show them jobs as your priority.

These are some indoor and outdoor activities:

  1. Group discussions
  2. Helpful tips for Group discussions
  3. Group Planning Exercise
  4. Useful tips for Group Planning Exercise

Group Discussions

When the chest numbers are given to the candidates, the first Task is group discussion. It is an essential task in front of the Group Testing officer. All the candidates introduce themselves to the Group Testing Officer, and All the chest numbers are divided into groups, and topics will be assigned to each group. You have to discuss with your group members and try to show more involvement in a group discussion because it will better impact G.T.O. 

You should think about the topic and conclude with the merits & demerits or benefits and drawbacks. It depends on the candidate to speak in favor of or against the issue. All the things you kept in mind are that you should give your topic the logical reasoning. In this Task, a candidate will create his image on the G.T.O., so prepare yourself best for the group discussion task.  

In the end, Gentleman, you should express yourself with a confident personality, come up with the best ideas, and mark the worthful statements that will support your argument.

Valuable Tips for Group discussions

These are some tips and tactics that you should adopt during the group discussions in that have a better impact on your talk:

  • The first & essential point is to be focused on the briefing of G.T.O.
  • If the G.T.O. asks you for an introduction, then introduce yourself concisely and interactively.
  • After that, you should go to the topic on which you can speak positively. Keep in mind that the majority of candidates select the subject.
  • Show deep interest in discussion and make a deeper understanding of the topic.
  • The most important thing is that while discussing, make proper eye contact with all candidates.
  • Never interrupt anyone while speaking, wait for your turn, and then give your worthful point of view.
  • Cover the whole group when you are presenting as it counts a lot.
  • If anyone stops you by criticizing, then be humble and accept it.
  • Don’t hesitate to speak correctly, but go for the language English or Urdu that you can talk easily.

Group Planning Exercise

In this phase, the G.T.O. will give you a situation with a model for candidates. The group planning exercise’s main aim is to do a critical analysis of the candidate’s various skills of Decision-Making Skills, Observation Skills, and the way he leads his team through effective and efficient decisions.

The situation contains some problems, and you will have to give a solution by planning it effectively and efficiently. If you found any issue during the situation or any query, you can ask the G.T.O. about it. 

At the beginning of the Task, everyone should write their solutions individually without coordinating with each other, and the time allotted was 10 minutes. After that, the aspirants will discuss in a group, and that plan will be followed on which all of the candidates are agreed.

Along with this, one candidate is chosen as a group leader or spokesperson and leads the whole group by presenting a plan to the G.T.O. The discussion and observation are time-bound of 20 minutes. After the presentation, the Group Testing officer can ask anyone to correct, or if they have any query, they will ask.

Tips for Group Planning Task

There are some tips that everyone must follow during the group planning task:

  • Concentrate on the G.T.O. briefing carefully.
  • Team-work must be a priority for you in every Task.
  • The image of the situation yourself and you should plan accordingly.
  • Plan the situation sharply. Time management is the most critical point in the case.
  • Make critical decisions according to the concerned situation & model.
  • Focus on statistical information like Speed, Distance, etc. because of every tiny thing matters in the given situation.
  • The person who is presenting the plan to G.T.O. must present confidently.

Physical Tasks

Physical Task is quite essential in the ISSB test Preparation. The reason behind it is that the armed forces want the candidate to be physically fit. They can check the courage, stamina, and practical intelligence. You must wear a proper dress for the physical tasks that include white shorts, a white shirt, white canvas shoes, & white socks.

Physical tasks that are conducted at ISSB are listed below:

  1. Progressive Group Task
  2. Helpful tips for Progressive Group Task
  3. Half Group Task
  4. Final Group Task
  5. Individual Obstacles
  6. Command Task

Let’s discuss them one by one:

Progressive Group Task

Progressive Group Task is performed in a group on the 2nd day of ISSB. In this Task, G.T.O. has already distributed the groups of 8 to 0 candidates, and he will give each group a task in the task area. There are three various tasks that different groups perform that are a little tough.

There are some factors that you keep in mind while performing the group task. Among them, time is one of the critical factors. The total time for the progressive group task is 40 minutes. During this duration Group, Testing Officer (G.T.O.) can ask you to leave the current Task and move to the next one. It will help if you are aware of finishing the task at a given time.

Although there is a starting and ending line, you will start from the starting line by facing various hindrances and obstacles on your way. You will find several things like drums, planks, rope, and boxes to perform the Task. After that, plan properly, and you will use these things accordingly G.T.O. You will put these things from starting to ending lines along with yourself, and after that, you will put back these things at their original place.

Moreover, you should be aware of specific rules during tasks. Some inbound rules are that if something is touched and used, although they are inbound, other candidates cannot feel them because they are in the outbound category. The outbound and inbound areas are highlighted in different colors. The areas with white, yellow, or blue color are known as inbound areas, and red color depicts outbound areas. Further, you can quickly throw or jump in this Task, and the 2 feet rule is not allowed in this Task.

Helpful Hints for Progressive Group task

Some helpful points that will help you in doing the task successfully:

The Four Feet Rule

In the progressive Task, you must be aware of the four feet rule. The rule is that candidates are not allowed to jump at any place more than 4 feet in length and height. It would help if you crossed it with the aid of ropes and bellies.

The Group Rule

While crossing any obstacle, it is necessary to cross each barrier with an entire group and the material. You are not allowed to cross the block individually.

The Time Rule

The main thing is time; you should be punctual and active in this matter. The four obstacles must be concluded in 40 minutes.

Half Group Task

When it comes to the half group task, the half group task’s primary purpose is to analyze the ability of candidates more precisely. As the candidates are divided into small groups through which the examiner can check their coordination and harmony. Moreover, they observe how to lead a group effectively.

There are a total of 9 candidates that are divided into small groups of 3. Each group is considered half group. The rules and regulations for the half group task are the same as the Progressive group task. Candidates should pass different obstacles and hurdles to complete the Task.

Apart from the task process, the time allowed to complete the task is 10 minutes. Half groups must complete the task in the given time with different supporting materials. If the time gets over, then the Task will be taken as completed. During the Task, if any candidate did the foul, he could start from where he did the foul.

Final Group Task

When doing outdoor tasks, the “Final Group Task” is the last one. Everyone has a total of 10 minutes to complete the Task. The team should have high morale, initiative, proper planning and execution, and increased cooperation that will matter a lot.

Individual Obstacles

In the obstacles, one should complete this task alone. Every candidate should face the hindrances and should clear them one by one. You have 2 minutes for ten blocks. While doing obstacles, you should avoid foul play. It has not had a good impact on the G.T.O. The obstacles are:

  • Long Jump
  • High Jump
  • Walk Over Inclined Wooden Planks
  • Waking on parallel ropes
  • Rope climbing
  • Passing through tires
  • Tarzan swing
  • Tarzan jump
  • Crossing over the horizontal plank
  • Running over the inclined plank

Command Task

Command Task is the tricky Task in which the G.T.O. selects one among all the candidates. After selection, there will be a short interview about the candidate, and then the G.T.O. tells him about the Task that he and his team should perform.

So, the one selected for the Task is the commander, and every member should have followed his instructions from the nine candidates. Moreover, among the nine candidates, just 6 perform the Task, and the rest of them will watch like observers. While doing the Task and leading as a commander, He can take any opinion from the observers.


The total time allotted by the G.T.O. for the command task is 2 minutes. Make the strategy and act on it in the given time. The G.T.O. can enhance the time and as well as end the Task within time. 

Call your Group

While doing the command task, G.T.O. observes your every decision, and importantly how to coordinate with your group members. You should adopt a formal way to call your group members like:

Chest Fellows, Group Mates

Moreover, when you are commanding the Task, then you should be audible to the audience. Go through helpful tips that will make you understand to complete the command task correctly.

Helpful Tips for ISSB Command Task

some of the tips that you should understand:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the Instructions.
  • Develop a better strategy on how to complete it.
  • Audible to the G.T.O. and Group members.
  • Call them formally.
  • Focus your team while doing the Task.
  • Avoid any foul play that has a harmful impact.
  • All the chest mates should follow your instructions as you give them.


The most important part of the ISSB test Preparation is the interview. The President and Deputy President conduct the ISSB interview. Be aware that you are being observed by an interviewing officer when you are doing the G.T.O. Tasks and other tests. Moreover, the selection of an individual will be based on the analysis of the candidate’s performance.

In this context, the interview part’s main aim is to check the personality of the candidates. It depends on the communication skills and interpersonal skills of the candidate. The deputy and the president will ask you different questions, including your description, theoretical questions, general knowledge, mathematics, self-analysis, and Islamic questions. 

Personal Interview

When it comes to the personal interview, the interviewer focuses on your body language, communication skills, and reactions. They will intentionally pass through you from different mental situations in which you should show yourself stable, which will help discover your personality. The problem will be an attempt that will make you annoyed, or maybe they will not permit you to sit, asking about your dress up, asking you about your facts, etc. 

Moreover, there are certain other conditions in which you are asked about to make them entertain, to recite a poem, or crack a joke. In these, all states, the main thing you should focus on is remaining calm and showing patience. 

Further, there are some tips and tactics that you should look into that will help you in the interview:

Essential Tips and Tactics for interview

Communicate Naturally

While communicating with the interviewer, you should speak calmly. You should pronounce every word competently and confidently in a disciplined manner. Don’t use slang words in your communication. You should adopt the win-win method of speaking.

Avoid Bluffing

You must know that interviewers are experienced personnel, and they will judge your every minor mistake. So, you should avoid bluffing. It is bad practice. Therefore, you must speak naturally.

Avoid Aggressive Behavior

Understand the emotional quotient. If you are emotionally strong, then you have reasonable control over your emotions. When in front of interviewers, you should be polite, and if you cannot give a proper answer to a question, don’t get rude.

Confident at your Point of View

In the interview, you should stick to your perspective because the interviewers will ask you questions from different angles. Once you have shown your opinion or fact of view, then it is vital for you to stick with it either it is false. They can ask you that they disagree with you, but you should not leave your point.


Whenever the interviewer asks you a question, if He is wrong, you should not develop an argument with the interviewer. You should listen to him softly and politely. Moreover, avoid giving any challenge to the interviewer.

Ethics & Manners

Some vital things that you must keep in mind while communicating with the interviewer:

  • You can laugh with the examiner but not at the examiner will create a harmful impact on him.
  • Don’t speak without any reason until the examiner asks you to say.
  • Look at the interviewer confidently and don’t look like you are staring at him.
  • Your body language must be stable. Don’t move your hands on the face, hairs, or any other place. Keep yourself calm; that will show that you are fully confident.
  • Give him the point answer and do not try to show yourself or knowledge on any topic.
  • Avoid chewing gum during the interview.

Dress Up

Apart from all the things, the most vital thing is your outlook. You should appear in a proper dress to impress the interviewer. 


We hope that you will have a better understanding after going through the ISSB Test Preparation article. There are certain tests that are starting from ISSB initial test preparation and it will lead to the ISSB call letter. ISSB test papers will help you a lot in the ISSB Test Preparation. 

 If you found any issue regarding preparation, you can ask freely in the comment box. 

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