Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship 2021

matsumae international foundation fellowship

Matsumae International Foundation Fellowships are open for the applications of fellowship for session 2022. Scholars interested in Japan and Peace have a great opportunity to understand those topics through the Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship. 

The fellowship is scheduled to begin in 2022 and last for 3-6 months. Research Fellows are fully funded through the Matsumae Fellowship Program.

An Overview of Matsumae International Foundation:

Since the Second World War, the Japanese have made significant progress in their development and striving for a peaceful society. Established in 1979, the Matsumae International Foundation seeks to develop a friendly relationship with Japan with the rest of the world. To achieve permanent peace with the world, this fellowship is centered around developing trust and friendship.

What is Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship:

To assist in society’s development, The Matsumae International Foundation invites international researchers to participate in its research projects every year. This fellowship is offered at a variety of universities in Japan, which is good news for students. Highly qualified mentors can arrange research supervision at the host institution for students from abroad.

Those who hold a doctoral degree from any country can apply to this highly regarded International Fellowship. The fellowship program covers all expenses, including round trip airfare and medical insurance, and provides a monthly stipend and support for research and study in Japan. This fellowship is open to all non-Japanese over 49 years of age.

  • Japan hosts the fellowship.
  • University: Different universities in Japan
  • Foundation Offering a Fellowship: Matsumae International Foundation
  • Full funding for scholarship programs
  • Eligible Nationals:  Worldwide Students

Fellowships Benefits:

What do you think about Japan Fellowships? Fully Funded Scholarship 2021 in Japan is a great opportunity for students who dream of free study abroad in 2021. This international fellowship will cover most of the expenses associated with the Japan Research Fellowship. Below is a breakdown of financial support for the fellowship:

Fellowships Cover:

  1. To carry out their research, participants may select from a variety of institutes in Japan
  2. There will be air transportation provided to and from Japan as part of a fully funded fellowship program covering all applicant expenses.
  3. In addition to learning about the history and culture of Japan, this fellowship is also a great opportunity to enhance trust, friendship, and world peace.

Scholarships Offered:

  •  Matsumae International Foundation will offer about ten international fellowships in Japan in 2021/2022.

Research Areas: 

There are several research fellowships available for the academic year 2021/2022, as shown below.

  1. Natural science
  2. A career in engineering
  3. The field of medicine

Eligibility Criteria MIF Fellowships:

For these fellowships in Japan, candidates are must meet the following criteria.

  1. Applications are open to all nationals other than Japanese.
  2. The host institution in Japan must issue an invitation letter.
  3. A Ph.D. degree for the application.
  4. There is a 49-year-old age limit for applicants.
  5. Both Japanese and English should be fluent.
  6. Working in one’s country of origin is a requirement.
  7. A candidate who has never visited Japan before is eligible.

Applications Deadline:

Matsumae International Foundation welcomes applications for its International Fellowship Program in Japan until June 30, 2021.

How To Apply?

Below are links to more information.

  • A letter of invitation should be issue to all applicants by the host institution.
  • From the official website of Matsumae International Foundation (MIF), applicants can download the MIF application form after receiving the invitation letter.
  • To submit a completed application form with all required documents, please send them to after completing the application form.
  • Also, you can view the advertisement on the official website – Official Advertisement Information.