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MITP Scholarship – Russian Government Scholarship

MIPT Scholarship


Overview of the Scholarship:

Government Scholarship

You can apply for MITP scholarship that is a Russian government scholarship if you are an international student. Applicants to eligible Master’s and Ph.D. programs at MIPT will have their tuition fees waived.

Options for Application:

  • In your national language, apply to the Russian Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo.” 
  • MIPT applications are open now. Before applying to a program, international students should apply. As soon as students are taken to the selected program, they will be encouraged to apply for scholarships.
  • Take part in MIPT Olympiad “Phystech.International“: www.phystech.international

Applications are accepted from December 1 – April 1 (early application is recommended)

MIPT Scholarship

An MIPT scholarship is available to international students with a high academic performance. To award grants, a competitive process must be followed.

Students Financial Aid

Students from abroad receive a regular monthly stipend from the university during their studies (based on academic performance).

An application for a scholarship requires the following documents:

  1. Form with a color photo (optional)
  2. Further, Copies of passports used for entry into Russia. At least 18 months should pass after the presumptive start of the study program for the passport in question.
  3. All documents related to your previous education* (bachelor’s, master’s, and specialist’s degrees)
  4. Make sure that your medical certificate indicates you have no restrictions for studying in Russia. Ensure that a government body issues the document in the country that you reside in*.
  5. HIV/AIDS must not be present on your body. You should give a copy of your medical certificate issued by the official body of the country you reside in.

IMPORTANT! Documents should both in Russian and notarized (certified by a notary).

Contact the following for additional scholarship information:

  • Office international of MIPT
  • Tel: +7 (498) 713-9170

To be considered for interadmission, please e-mail: interadmission@phystech.edu

Degree Level:

Students are eligible to apply for MIPT Russia Government and Other Scholarships at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology to pursue Masters, Bachelor level programs.

Topics Available include:

Students may choose from the following subject areas to study under this program.

  • Across all subjects

MITP Scholarship Benefits:

Benefit Varies

Nationalities eligible:

  • Both at home and abroad