Finland PhD Fellowship Program 2021

PhD Fellowship

EDUFI PhD Fellowship Program Overview

We welcome you to the EDUFI PhD Fellowship program for Ph.D.-level studies and research at the Finnish Universities. When it comes to the program, then it is open for young Ph.D. students in all academic fields. The program does not support postdoctoral or graduate studies.

Doctoral-level students (or double doctorates) at Finnish universities are the primary target group for EDUFI Fellowships. Students will get the grounds for applications from the university department. Ph.D. candidates and researchers at foreign universities who are pursuing a Doctorate can also qualify.

Scholarships may last from 3 to 12 months. There is a monthly allowance of 1500 euros. A single person will be covered for single living expenses while in Finland with the scholarship. Apart from a housing allowance, no other benefit is paid. In this program, the expenses of travel to and from Finland will not be covered.

PhD Fellowship Program Features

  • Scholarships usually last from three months to twelve months.
  • There is a monthly allowance of 1500 euros.
  • All students can work part-time
  • The main purpose is to meet the expenses of the individual in Finland.
  • An additional housing allowance is not possible. In this program, expenses incurred while traveling to Finland and back are not covered.
  • Other than that, EDUI Fellowship is not a complete degree fellowship but it’s a partial program. After receiving the EDUFI Fellowship for 12 months, you should seek alternative sources of funding for the remainder of your studies or research.


  • You can apply regardless of your nationality. In deciding which applicants will receive scholarships, however, Russians, Chinese, Indians, Chileans, Brazilians, and North Americans tend to get more preference.

Eligible Regions: Open For All.

Process of Application

  • You can obtain more information (including links to the admissions pages of the universities) on the official website by clicking on the section Doctoral Admissions.
  • We suggest that you visit the websites of the Finnish universities for more detailed information on the options offered by the universities for Doctoral studies and research.
  • When a Finnish university wants to host you, it can apply on your behalf for an EDUFI Fellowship through the department you are hosting. Therefore, the Finnish university hosting the EDUFI Fellow can be considered the applicant.
  • The next step will be if you are in the apply now section, then download the application form from it. You should attach the following documents with the application:
    • Applicants (the hosting institution) must submit a motivation letter of up to one page in length
    • Applicants must submit a full CV of themselves
    • Plan a research project (three to five pages)
  • It is important to fill out the application and print two copies. After that, it should be sent to EDUFI PO Box 380, 00531 Helsinki. On the envelope should be written: “EDUFI Fellowships.”.
  • To apply for this position, two copies of the application must be printed and signed and sent to the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI), EDUFI Fellowships have no annual application deadline. Applicants may submit their applications at any time. The deadline for application submissions is five months before the scholarship period. We will make decisions within approximately 3 months of receiving your application.