Adjective Quiz with Answers

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Adjective Quiz with Answers Instructions:

  • There will be 30 multiple choice questions in this quiz.
  • Answers to the questions will change randomly each time you start this quiz.
  • Practice this quiz at least three times to secure High Marks.
  • At the End of the quiz, you can see your scores and ratings.
  • If you found any incorrect answers in the quiz, click on the quiz title and comment on that MCQ so our team can update the incorrect answer on time.

  • Question of

    She counted ______ trucks going by her window.

    • three large red
    • large three red
    • three red large
  • Question of

    My mother made ______ applesauce last summer.

    • homemade sweet cinnamon
    • cinnamon sweet homemade
    • homemade cinnamon sweet
  • Question of

    I packed my ______ suitcase and loaded it in the car.

    • big old flowered
    • flowered old big
    • flowered big old
  • Question of

    In the field, I saw ______ flowers.

    • many small pink
    • small many pink
    • many pink small
  • Question of

    For the holiday dinner, my grandmother served a ______ turkey.

    • . huge golden-brown roasted
    • huge roasted golden-brown
    • golden-brown roasted huge
  • Question of

    We opened the basket and saw ______ kittens inside.

    • tiny orange striped
    • orange striped tiny
    • striped orange tiny
  • Question of

    Jack’s favorite toy is a ______ ball.

    • big round red
    • big red round
    • round big red
  • Question of

    I opened the gym bag and found a ______ towel.

    • big green smelly
    • smelly big green
    • big smelly green
  • Question of

    On her birthday, Maria received ______ presents.

    • several large beautiful
    • large beautiful several
    • several beautiful large
  • Question of

    On her breakfast plate, Ella saw several slices of ______ toast.

    • delicious golden French
    • delicious French golden
    • french delicious golden
  • Question of

    The shy boy hid behind his mother’s skirt. (Identify Adjective)

    • Shy
    • Boy
    • Behind
  • Question of

    Two black cats slept in the sunshine. (Identify Adjective)

    • Black
    • Cats
    • Sunshine
  • Question of

    I opened the door to fi nd a tattered envelope on the step. (Identify Adjective)

    • Tattered
    • Door
    • Opened
  • Question of

    Please give me the red balloon before I leave. (Identify Adjective)

    • Red
    • Balloon
    • Before
  • Question of

    Do you still have a bad cold? (Identify Adjective)

    • Bad
    • Still
    • Cold
  • Question of

    Where did you buy that pretty skirt? (Identify Adjective)

    • Pretty
    • Skirt
    • Buy
  • Question of

    She had very dark hair. (Identify Adjective)

    • Dark
    • Hair
    • Very
  • Question of

    How many times have you been to the new restaurant? (Identify Adjective)

    • New
    • Times
    • Restaurant
  • Question of

    The baby was making sleepy noises and rubbing her eyes. (Identify Adjective)

    • Sleepy
    • Noises
    • Rubbing
  • Question of

    Please open the door to let that poor dog inside. (Identify Adjective)

    • Poor
    • Dog
    • Door
  • Question of

    Her hair is long and ______.

    • curly
    • happy
    • slim
  • Question of

    He drives a bright red sports car. It’s very ______.

    • fast
    • wild
    • tall
  • Question of

    Which word is an adjective?

    • Pretty
    • After
    • Taste
  • Question of

    Which word is an adjective?

    • Dirty
    • Ran
    • Away
  • Question of

    Which word is an adjective?

    • Beautiful
    • Over
    • Wave
  • Question of

    How many adjectives are there in this sentence? I thought the film was very long and boring.

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
  • Question of

    How many adjectives are there in this sentence? You told me that the talk would be interesting.

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
  • Question of

    It is very ______ to write clearly.

    • dangerous
    • silly
    • important
  • Question of

    Take care of this letter, it’s ______.

    • urgent
    • blonde
    • fresh
  • Question of

    I had a brilliant holiday. It was really ______.

    • relaxing
    • loving
    • low

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