Compound Words Quiz Grade 10

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    In the morning when you wake up you have to put this over your mattress. What is the name for this covering? The place where you sleep + put peanut butter on bread = a covering for your mattress

    • bedspread
    • overspread
    • bedtime
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    After you get dressed you go down to eat the first meal of the day. What is the first meal of the day? To smash or fracture into pieces + quick = the first meal of the day

    • breakfast
    • fastbreak
    • breakdown
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    After you eat you need to brush your teeth. What do you call the cleaning substance that goes on your brush? Molar + cement or fasten = a cleaning substance for your brush

    • toothpaste
    • toothpick
    • lipstick
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    On the way to school you see a colorful fluttering insect. What did you just see? Margarine + to soar = a colorful fluttering insect

    • butterfly
    • firefly
    • buttercup
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    When you arrive at school you go here to learn. Where do you go? Where you live + chamber or cubicle = a place where you learn

    • homeroom
    • schoolroom
    • ballroom
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    The teacher uses this surface to write on with chalk at the front of the class. Which surface is it? Opposite of white + a piece of lumber = a writing surface

    • blackboard
    • blacklist
    • clapboard
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    At recess you go to the playground and you see another insect that jumps about. Which insect is this? Bermuda or rye + a bunny or rabbit = a jumping insect

    • grasshopper
    • grassleaper
    • lawnskipper
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    After school you play chess as part of the chess club. How do you win a game of chess? Examine your homework + friend, especially in Australia = the winning move in chess

    • checkup
    • checkmate
    • mateship
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    After school you practice with the football team. You are the play caller on the team. What is your position? One-fourth + opposite of front = the play caller on an American football team

    • quarterback
    • quartermaster
    • halfmaster
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    After school you join the pep squad. What are you? Ole, for example, or glee + guide or boss = a member of the pep squad

    • cheerleader
    • joybringer
    • ringleader
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    Water from clouds + opposite of rise = precipitation

    • rainfall
    • windfall
    • rainstorm
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    Opposite of tall + the thing your birthday candles go on = A famous doll is Strawberry _______

    • shortcake
    • shortmeal
    • oatmeal
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    Lightning’s companion + what sits on your shoulders = a type of cloud

    • thunderhead
    • thunderstone
    • blockhead
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    Opposite of over + to rise from sitting = to comprehend

    • understand
    • underway
    • headway
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    A climbing plant + a measurement equal to three feet = a place where grapes are grown.

    • vineyard
    • schoolyard
    • backyard
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    A conflict between nations + the price to ride the bus = the process of military struggle.

    • warfare
    • warship
    • airship
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    To clean something + what the kitchen or den in your house is = a place to clean up.

    • washroom
    • bedroom
    • classroom
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    The 24th letter of the alphabet + a narrow beam of light = what the doctor takes to see your bones.

    • x-ray
    • sunray
    • x-rated
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    A measurement equal to three feet + your upper limb = half of a spar that holds a sail.

    • yardarm
    • yardstick
    • firestick
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    A place where animals are kept + another word for guard = a person who takes care of animals.

    • zookeeper
    • zoologist
    • beekeeper
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    Opposite of out + another name for a waistcoat = to put money in the stock market.

    • invest
    • diffuse
    • infuse
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    What you use to lift up a car + what you cut with = to bend or double over.

    • Jackknife
    • jackpot
    • pocketpot
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    What you use to unlock something + a piece of wood = what you use to type on your computer.

    • keyboard
    • keyhole
    • blackboard
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    Another word for ground + a title of nobility = the one who collects the rent.

    • landlord
    • overlord
    • lordship
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    Foremost or principal + a small river = another word for conventional.

    • mainstream
    • upstream
    • upstay
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    Opposite of day + to rise from sitting = a piece of furniture by your bed.

    • nightstand
    • nightfall
    • grandfall
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    Opposite of in + what you put on a broken limb = an exile.

    • outcast
    • broadcast
    • outlast
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    Opposite of on + what you do to a drum = weird or different.

    • offbeat
    • offhand
    • heartbreak
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    What is in your notebook + the opposite of front = a type of book.

    • paperback
    • paperwork
    • hardwork
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    The opposite of slow + stairs are made of individual ones of these = a type of ballroom dance.

    • quickstep
    • quicksand
    • footstep

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