English Grammar Quiz For Class 8

Ready to take our fun English grammar quiz for class 8 with answers? The English language is a fun one to learn, and if you have been having a hard time understanding what we learn in class, then the test below is for you.

This brief English test entails all that is covered so far and will help you test your skills. All the best, and keep an eye out for more quizzes like this.

English Grammar Quiz for class 8 Quiz Instructions:

  • There will be 30 multiple choice questions in this online test.
  • Answers to the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
  • Practice this test at least 3 times if you want to secure High Marks.
  • At the End of the Test, you can see your Test score and Rating.
  • If you found any incorrect answers in the quiz. simply click on the quiz title and comment on that Mcqs. so that our team can update the incorrect answer on time.

  • Question of

    Last month, I left Lombok Island. I ____ there with a group from the school.

    • Go
    • Went
    • Going
    • Gone
  • Question of

    Complete the sentence! There were ____ students in the class.

    • Heavy
    • Little
    • Some
    • Some of the
  • Question of

    The person ____ you met this morning was my uncle.

    • Who
    • Whom
    • That
    • Which
  • Question of

    There is ____ new kid in class. His name is Rio.

    • An
    • A
    • The
    • Same
  • Question of

    My house _____ a small garden.

    • Has got
    • Have got
    • Is
    • Was
  • Question of

    Sam: There are two books on the table? Kim: No, there aren’t. ______ one book. Sam: Oh, I see. The word to fill in the blank is:

    • There are
    • There is
    • There has
    • Those are
  • Question of

    She always ______ at 5 AM every day.

    • Get up
    • Got up
    • Gets up
    • Gotten up
  • Question of

    This is Nick, and this is Carla. _____ in my class.

    • They is
    • They are
    • Them is
    • Them are
  • Question of

    A lion is ______ stronger than a tiger.

    • Many
    • Much
    • Very
    • More
  • Question of

    He _________ on the ground when he was hit.

    • Lain
    • Laid
    • Lie
    • Lay
  • Question of

    ____ he is 19, he is still at school.

    • Although
    • While
    • Because
    • Whatever
  • Question of

    He is the _______ Student in class.

    • Best
    • Better
    • Good
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    We __________ be visiting him tomorrow.

    • Were not
    • Do not
    • Are not
    • Shall not
  • Question of

    Susan _____ a novel after school every day.

    • Reed
    • Has Reed
    • Was Reed
    • Reeds
  • Question of

    Ronnie loves playing basketball with _____ friends twice a week.

    • Him
    • Their
    • His
    • Hers
  • Question of

    The students ________ English and French at school.

    • Study
    • Studies
    • Is study
    • Was study
  • Question of

    You and I _____ best friends.

    • Am
    • Are
    • Is
    • Was
  • Question of

    Robbie Dowling wants to win free running competitions. The opposite of the Italic word is ________.

    • Champion
    • Draw
    • Give up
    • Lose
  • Question of

    She _____ completed her homework.

    • Have
    • Has
    • Is
    • Was
  • Question of

    They said to me, “Will you join us in the party”.

    • The said to me would you join us in party.
    • They asked me if I would join them in a party.
    • They asked me will you join us in a party.
    • They asked me would I joined them in a party.
  • Question of

    I said to him, “I do not believe you.”

    • I said to him that I do not believe you.
    • I said to him that I did not believe him.
    • I said to him that I do not believe him.
    • I said to him that I am not believe him.
  • Question of

    The officer said to the office boy, “Bring a cup of tea”.

    • The officer ordered to the boy to bring a cup of tea.
    • The officer ordered to the boy to brought a cup of tea.
    • The officer said to the boy to bring a cup of tea.
    • The officer order to the boy to bring a cup of tea.
  • Question of

    Mice’s can nibble the food. (Which word is a plural possessive noun?)

    • Can
    • Mice’s
    • NIbble
    • The
  • Question of

    Be careful, there is a hive of bees on the tree. (Which word is a collective noun?)

    • Tree
    • There
    • Hive of bees
    • Careful
  • Question of

    “O, you pass me my ball, buddy.” (Which word is a nouning noun?)

    • My
    • Pass
    • Buddy
    • You
  • Question of

    Good friends are the beauty of life. (Which word is a countable noun?)

    • Friends
    • Good
    • Beauty
    • Are
  • Question of

    My grandmother is good at telling a funny stories. (Which word is a plural noun?)

    • Telling
    • Stories
    • Funny
    • Good
  • Question of

    It was found that some students ___________ not attending their classes.

    • Were
    • Was
    • Do
  • Question of

    He ___________ around the filthy room in distaste.

    • Looked
    • Looking
    • Am looks
    • Is looks
  • Question of

    It is necessary for the government to ___________ their people’s life better.

    • Makes
    • Make
    • Making
    • Be made

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