English Grammar Quiz For Class 9

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    Nowadays, it _______ that the Vikings _______ the Americas about 500 years before Columbus’ arrival there in 1492.

    • has believed / were reached
    • is believed / had reached
    • believed / have been reaching
    • has been believed / reached
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    _______ moment I have ever experienced was when I saw my 1-year-old son sitting on the windowsill of our flat on the third floor.

    • As terrified as
    • Too terrifying
    • A more terrified
    • The most terrifying
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    What was Andrew doing when we _____________ him.

    • Met
    • Did meet
    • Didn’t meet
    • Meet
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    My jeans _____________ of blue denim.

    • Are made
    • Make
    • Is made
    • Is making
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    John failed his exams because he was always out with his friends when he _______ .

    • should have been studying
    • used to study
    • must have been studying
    • will have studied
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    The conference room __________ to hold 50 people.

    • was designed
    • was designing
    • designing
    • is designing
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    Joe hurt _____ when he fell off his bicycle.

    • Herself
    • Itself
    • Himself
    • She
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    Before she got that new job, Eda ______ lots of good books, but now she just doesn’t have the time.

    • ought to be reading
    • had better read
    • used to read
    • can read
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    Which one of the modal verbs used in the sentences below shows the function of ability?

    • You needn’t worry.
    • I tried my best but couldn’t pick it up.
    • You have to leave this place.
    • May I come in sir?
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    Which one of the following sentences has the use of transitive verb?

    • The train arrives at 3 p.m.
    • Sorry, but I have to leave
    • She lives on the East side of the city.
    • She left the keys on the table.
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    Identify the preposition of time used in one of the following sentences:

    • The bank is on the Faisal lane.
    • He left for Karachi on Monday.
    • He is often on bed rest
    • You stand on the other side of the fence.
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    Identify the indefinite pronoun used in one of the following sentences:

    • I did this work myself.
    • This is not my fault.
    • No one could answer.
    • Which is the shortest way to the zoo?
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    Sort out adjective of quantity from the following options:

    • Some people are born great.
    • He bought some sugar.
    • Some books were stolen
    • Something went wrong.
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    Which one of the following sentences has the use of Abstract noun?

    • Honesty is the best policy
    • Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.
    • He found water from nowhere.
    • Give me your pen.
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    Which one of the following is a complex sentence?

    • He is doing his work.
    • Stay here or go to your home
    • If he comes, I will go.
    • I bought ticket and boarded the train.
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    Which one of the following sentences has an adjective phrase?

    • He bought a car of a new model.
    • The dog chased him everywhere.
    • He wanted to go home.
    • The kite flies up and up.
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    Identify the transitional device of sequencing used in one of the following sentences:

    • He always comes late
    • He is honest but his friend is not
    • In brief, the story is interesting.
    • He was late, therefore, he was punished.
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    Recognize the use of personification in one of the following sentences:

    • The story jumped off the page.
    • He is as slippery as a fish.
    • He is the moon for his mother.
    • She is thin like a string.
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    Mr. Alace is a snake, you should beware of him. Negative connotation of the underlined word is:

    • cunning
    • poisonous
    • cheater
    • scaly
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    Love is blind. Choose the figure of speech used in the sentence.

    • Personification
    • Simile
    • Metaphor
    • Alliteration
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    ___________ it was raining, I still walked to school. Fill in the blank with correct transitional device.

    • Accordingly
    • Although
    • Furthermore
    • Consequently
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    The doctor gave me a ___________for some medicine last week. Insert the appropriate word.

    • note
    • recipe
    • prescription
    • receipt
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    Which one of the following sentences has the use of intransitive verb?

    • Usman sold his old bike to his friend.
    • Munawar kicked the football.
    • The horse galloped wildly.
    • She left the keys on the table.
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    I can’t help you with your homework because I am not very good at geometry. ___________, I know someone who can. Choose the appropriate word.

    • however
    • in addition
    • for example
    • subsequently
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    ‘Sonnet’ is an example of:

    • poetry
    • drama
    • fiction
    • novel
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    How happy is he here! Choose the poetic device used in the line.

    • simile
    • alliteration
    • metaphor
    • personification
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    I felt an intolerable sorrow, realizing that my friend could be so mean. The underlined word has the same meaning as:

    • unwelcome
    • unnatural
    • unbearable
    • unwanted
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    It has been an extremely brutal summer with very hot temperatures. What does the word brutal mean?

    • harsh
    • windy
    • pleasant
    • gentle
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    He is interested _________ learning English. Fill in the blank with suitable preposition.

    • on
    • in
    • to
    • for
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    Select the plural form of the word Alumnus.

    • alumni
    • alumnae
    • alumus
    • alumna

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