Future Perfect Tense Quiz

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Future Perfect Tense Quiz Instructions:

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  3. Answers to the questions will change after starting the online quiz
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  • Question of

    I ________ by then.

    • Will have left
    • Will leaving
    • Will be leave
  • Question of

    Will you ________ by 8am?

    • Have arrived
    • Have arriving
    • Be arrive
  • Question of

    You ________ the bill by the time the item arrives.

    • ‘ll have received
    • ‘ve received
    • Will receiving
  • Question of

    Melissa and Mike will be exhausted. They ________ slept for 24 hours

    • Will not
    • Will not be
    • Will not have
  • Question of

    He will have ________ all about it by Monday.

    • Forgetting
    • Be forgetting
    • Forgotten
  • Question of

    Will you ________ the contracts by Thursday?

    • Have mailed
    • To have mailed
    • Mailing
  • Question of

    The boss ________ by the time the orders come in.

    • will be left
    • will have left
    • will leave
  • Question of

    Where ________ gone?

    • Will she have
    • She have
    • Is she has
  • Question of

    September works for us. Lisa will not ________ by then.

    • Graduating
    • Be graduate
    • Have graduated
  • Question of

    . I will let you in. I ________ with the keys by the time you come in

    • will have arrived
    • will be arrived
    • will be arrival
  • Question of

    Select the correct sentence on future perfect

    • I will be reading this book
    • I will have read this book by tomorrow
    • I go to read the book tomorrow
    • I won’t Reading the book tomorrow
  • Question of

    Choose the correct sentences on future perfect

    • I will not have eaten by then.
    • I won’t eaten by then
    • I won’t have eaten by then
    • Both a and c
  • Question of

    How the future perfect is formed

    • Do + have + past participle
    • Will be + verb + ing
    • Will + have + past participle
    • Have + past participle
  • Question of

    Choose the correct sentence of the future perfect

    • Jenny will not have saved enough money yet.
    • Jenny won’t be saving enough money
  • Question of

    I ________ by then.

    • Will be leave
    • Will have left
    • Will leaving
    • Will left
  • Question of

    Where ________ gone?

    • Will she have
    • She will have
    • Is she has
    • She have
  • Question of

    The future perfect is used to:

    • The future perfect is used to indicate a future and a present events
    • The future perfect is used to indicate a uncertain future event
    • The future perfect tense is used to indicate a future event that has a definitive end date.
    • The future perfect is used to indicate a past event
  • Question of

    By 2050 scientists ______________ a cure for cancer

    • Will be found
    • Will have founding
    • Will have found
    • Will be founding
  • Question of

    They ________________ the homework

    • Won’t have done
    • Won’t had do
    • Won’t have do
    • Will haven’t done
  • Question of

    Choose the correct sentence in the future perfect

    • She cooks my favorite food
    • She will have cooked my favorite food
    • She will be cooking my favorite food
    • She will be cooked my favorite food
  • Question of

    Before Saturday, I will have ——— all my homework.

    • Did
    • Do
    • Does
    • Done
  • Question of

    I ———- by six.

    • Was leaving
    • Have left
    • Will have left
    • Leave
  • Question of

    Come over to my house around 9 o’clock. By then, I ———- my history essay and we can go see a movie.

    • Would complete
    • Will complete
    • Will have completing
    • Will have completed
  • Question of

    We ——— in London for three years next week.

    • Will have
    • Will be
    • Will have been
    • Will have being
  • Question of

    At this time next week, we ———- the thief.

    • Will catch
    • Will have caught
    • Will be catching
    • Catch
  • Question of

    By next year, she ——– her promotion.

    • Have received
    • Will be receiving
    • Will recieved
    • Will have received
  • Question of

    By tomorrow morning, he ———- well.

    • Slept
    • Will sleep
    • Will have slept
    • Have slept
  • Question of

    I ——— this book by tomorrow noon.

    • Have been reading
    • Will have read
    • Have read
    • Will read
  • Question of

    By the time I come back home , I ———- away for 3 years.

    • Have been being
    • Will have been
    • Will be
    • Have been
  • Question of

    By the time you finish studying , I ———- dinner

    • Am cooking
    • Will have cooked
    • Will be cooking
    • Was cooked

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