Noun Quiz For Grade 2

With the ECTI, you will learn through the Noun Quiz For Grade 2  in a continuous testing process. It will help you prepare the particular topic in a row. On the other hand, repeated practice will ensure your grip for the best preparation. 

I am sure that the level of Noun Quiz For Grade  2  Mcqs With The Answer is helpful material in the preparation of tests, quizzes, and examinations for a grade. I carefully picked the most repeated but the Most Important Mcqs Noun Quiz For Grade 2  In the coming future, I am going to add more Noun Mcqs Quiz For Grade 2  If you could provide me with some valuable feedback on the selection of MCQs, I would appreciate it.

Noun Quiz For Grade 2 Instructions:

  1. There are 30 MCQs in this online quiz
  2. When you open this page option of lets play is available when you click this option your online will be started
  3. Answers to the questions will change after starting the online quiz
  4. If you want  to achieve good grades then practice it again and again
  5. At the end of the quiz, you get your scores and also get remarks
  6. If any question or option you found incorrect in the quiz you will be told in the comments so our team will change this one time

  • Question of

    The man lives in a town called bangor.

    • Bangor
    • Town
    • Lives
    • Man
  • Question of

    My friend john walks to school.

    • Friend
    • Walks
    • John
    • School
  • Question of

    lily has a new sharpener.

    • Sharpener
    • Lily
    • Has
    • New
  • Question of

    Our school is on grange park.

    • Is
    • Our
    • School
    • Grange park
  • Question of

    The boy’s dad walks to school with him and takes their dog rocky.

    • Rocky
    • Dad
    • Dog
    • School
  • Question of

    Mr. red works in the shop at the park.

    • Works
    • Parks
    • Mr. red
  • Question of

    Our town is in indiana.

    • Town
    • Indiana
    • Our
    • In
  • Question of

    There are lots of people on main street.

    • Main street
    • There
    • Lots
    • People
  • Question of

    My birthday is in september.

    • My
    • Is
    • September
    • Birthday
  • Question of

    The teacher went to the park on tuesday.

    • Went
    • Teacher
    • Tuesday
  • Question of

    My favorite holiday is christmas.

    • Favorite
    • Christmas
    • Holiday
    • Is
  • Question of

    can I borrow your judy moody book?

    • Judy moody
    • Book
    • Borrow
    • Can
  • Question of

    I love the movie inside out

    • Movie
    • Love
    • The
    • Inside out
  • Question of

    Which is a proper noun?

    • House
    • Pumpkin
    • Nancy
    • Candy
  • Question of

    Which is a proper noun

    • Walmart
    • Bat
    • Car
    • Computer
  • Question of

    What are nouns also known as ?

    • Adverbs
    • Naming word
    • Pronoun
  • Question of

    How many types of nouns are there ?

    • One
    • Four
    • Two
  • Question of

    Which noun tells us about general names?

    • Proper noun
    • Common noun
  • Question of

    Which of these is a common noun ?

    • Taj Mahal
    • Mr. Smith
    • School
  • Question of

    Which option is not a common noun?

    • Hospital
    • Mumbai
    • Flower
  • Question of

    How many lettets are there in the English Alphabet?

    • 23
    • 21
    • 26
    • 36
  • Question of

    Identify the vowel letter from the options.

    • Y
    • O
    • K
  • Question of

    Tick the word that is first according to alphabetical order.

    • Ran
    • Run
    • Red
  • Question of

    Identify the missing letter in the word ” mot _ er”.

    • d
    • j
    • h
  • Question of

    Select the consonant from the options.

    • o
    • i
    • m
  • Question of

    What are the nouns in this sentence? Last month was my birthday.

    • Last, Month
    • Month, Birthday
    • Was, My
    • Last, Birthday
  • Question of

    A noun is a …

    • A Word that describes an action
    • Word that describes a person or place only
    • Word that describes another noun
    • Word that describes a person, place, thing, or idea
  • Question of

    Is this a person, animal, place, or thing?

    • Person
    • Animal
    • Place
    • Thing
  • Question of

    Which one of the following is a noun?

    • Jump
    • Cat
    • Run
    • Hop
  • Question of

    What are the nouns in this sentence? In the summer we go to the lake.

    • Summer
    • We, lake
    • Lake
    • Summer,Lake

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