Simple Future Tense Quiz

With the ECTI, you will learn through the Simple Future Tense Quiz in a continuous testing process. It will help you prepare the particular topic in a row. On the other hand, repeated practice will ensure your grip for the best preparation. 

I am sure that the level of Simple Future Tense  Quiz Mcqs With The Answer is helpful material in the preparation of tests, quizzes, and examinations for a grade. I carefully picked the most repeated but the Most Important Simple Future TenseQuizIn the coming future, I am going to add more Simple Future Tense  Quiz   MCQs  If you could provide me with some valuable feedback on the selection of MCQs, I would appreciate it.

Simple Future Tense Quiz Instructions:

  1.  There are 30 MCQs in this online quiz
  2. When you open this page option of lets play is available when you click this option your online will be started
  3. Answers to the questions will change after starting the online quiz
  4. If you want  to achieve good grades then practice it again and again
  5. At the end of the quiz, you get your scores and also get remarks
  6. If any question or option you found incorrect in the quiz you will be told in the comments so our team will change this one time 

  • Question of

    He _____ arrive on time.

    • Will
    • Not
    • Is
  • Question of

    Will your folks _____ before Tuesday?

    • Leave
    • Leaves
    • Leaving
  • Question of

    We _____ get there until after dark.

    • Will
    • Won’t
    • Willn’t
  • Question of

    We will _____ what your father says.

    • See
    • To See
    • Seeing
  • Question of

    I don’t ________ go swimming today.

    • Think I’ill
    • Thinking
    • Think
  • Question of

    . It ________ tomorrow.

    • Will Snow
    • Snows
    • Is Snowing
  • Question of

    We won’t ________ until we get there.

    • Knowing
    • Know
    • Have Know
  • Question of

    I ________ back before Friday.

    • ‘ll be
    • Will
    • Am Being
  • Question of

    Will you _____ at the rehearsal on Saturday?

    • Go
    • Be
    • Have
  • Question of

    I’m going to the grocery store. I think _____ buy a turkey

    • I Have
    • I Had
    • I will
  • Question of

    I ______ you move your things tomorrow. (help)

    • Will Help
    • Helping
    • Have Been Helping
    • Had Helped
  • Question of

    The bus ________ at 3:00 p.m. (leave)

    • Is Going To Leave
    • Will Be Leaving
    • Left
    • Will Go
  • Question of

    You ________ my friends next week. (meet)

    • Will Meet
    • Will Be Meet
    • Met
    • Have Been Meeting
  • Question of

    We ________ pictures in a few minutes. (take)

    • Will Take
    • Taken
    • Will Taken
    • Took
  • Question of

    Jim ________ some flowers on the way home. (buy)

    • Is going to buy
    • Will bring
    • Has brought
    • Bring
  • Question of

    Jane ________ to the party as well. (come)

    • Is going to come
    • Has come
    • Came
    • Had came
  • Question of

    My mom ________ some cookies for us later. (make)

    • Will make
    • Baked
    • Might make
    • Has made
  • Question of

    The office ________ you an email on Monday. (send)

    • Will Send
    • Will be Send
    • Had Send
    • Has Sent
  • Question of

    They ________ the movie with us. (see)

    • Are going to see
    • Had seen
    • Saw
    • Will be seeing
  • Question of

    I ________ some new clothes this week. (get)

    • Got
    • Will be getting
    • Will get
    • Had got
    • Had got
  • Question of

    Our team ________ the game. (win)

    • Is going to win
    • Has won
    • Won
    • Had won
  • Question of

    Joe and Lance ________ a report. (write)

    • Will be writing
    • Had written
    • Is writing
    • Are going to write

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