Social Studies Quiz For Grade 3

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    How can you tell that the people of the painting lived in the past?

    • How can you tell that the people of the painting lived in the past?
    • They look older than people living today.
    • They are carrying flags and no one does that anymore.
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    What did Andrea do between Kindergarten and Middle School?

    • She was born.
    • She played soccer.
    • She went to the park.
    • She went to high school.
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    When new members join a community the culture can change. What is one way the culture of a community can be changed this way?

    • The community can become very large
    • Different community leaders can be elected
    • New traditions can be introduced to the community
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    How do some communities help citizens who have transportation needs?

    • By asking workers to share cars
    • By providing buses and light rail
    • By making students walk to school
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    How did communities in the Americas change because Christopher Columbus had been there?

    • The communities came to an end
    • Cars brought to the communities
    • New people moved to the communities
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    People living in communities need to communicate news and events with each other. Which of the following is one way that people within a community communicate with each other?

    • By building a public pool
    • By creating a local newspaper
    • By having parades on holidays
    • By showing movies at the local theater
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    How did the intervention of cars change this town?

    • Trees Grew Larger.
    • Roads Were Paved.
    • Stores Sold Fewer Goods.
    • People Used More Horses.
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    Many people went to California to search for gold. Once they found gold, thieves often tried to steal it. How would forming a community help solve this problem?

    • The community could provide shelter to new members.
    • The community could make laws and protect each other.
    • The community could build schools, hospitals, and stores.
    • The community could help each other to find more gold.
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    When the Pilgrims came to America they formed a community because they wanted to —

    • Explore For Gold
    • Make a Lot Of Money
    • Have Religious Freedom
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    Some communities have local newspapers. What need is met by a community having a local newspaper?

    • A Need For Recreation
    • A Need For Transportation
    • A Need For Communication
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    Which of these was invented first?

    • Airplane
    • Digital music player
    • TV
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    When was the United Way started?

    • After 1900
    • Before 1850
    • Between 1850 and 1900
    • After 1900
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    All of these people helped to form our new country. Which one came first?

    • Christopher Columbus
    • Founding Fathers
    • Daniel Boone
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    Which of these lived in times after the United States was formed?

    • Daniel Boone
    • Christopher Columbus
    • King Ferdinand
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    To keep healthy, one must rest, sleep and

    • Play
    • Relax
    • Exercise
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    One benefit of exercise on the body is

    • Healthy Body Systems
    • Stiff Joints
    • Frequent Illnesses
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    Which of the following is a healthy food?

    • Corn curls
    • Pineapples
    • Chocolate
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    To maintain good health we must

    • Eat Lots Of Sweets
    • Sleep All Day
    • Eat a Balanced Diet
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    Energy Giver is to Bread as Body builder is to

    • Banana
    • Ochro
    • Milk
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    We preserve foods to keep them

    • For a Short period Of Time
    • Away From Insects
    • For a Longer Time
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    One method of preserving food is

    • Canning
    • Seetening
    • Eating
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    One effect of using dangerous substances is’

    • Illness
    • Heathy Life
    • Good Health
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    One safety practice to be observed on the roadways is

    • Always Wear Life-Jackets
    • Embarking and Disembarking Aircrafts
    • Pedestrians Must Always Observe the Kerb Drill
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    ___________ are to waterways as motorcycles are to roadways.

    • Buses
    • Conoes
    • Aeroplanes
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    Pedestrians are people who travel

    • On Foot
    • By Air
    • On Water Ways
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    A stranger is someone we know.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    . Strangers look at you all the time.

    • True
    • False
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    When strangers offer your items, it’s okay to take them.

    • True
    • False
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    Another food that can be preserved in this same way is

    • Milk
    • Shrimp
    • Mango
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    Which of the following is NOT a reason for storing foods properly?

    • To Avoid Insects From Accessing
    • To Avoid Dust From Getting In
    • To Cause Them to Spoil

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