Tense Quiz For Grade 10

With the ECTI, you will learn through the Tense Quiz For Grade 10  in a continuous testing process. It will help you prepare the particular topic in a row. On the other hand, repeated practice will ensure your grip for the best preparation. 

I am sure that the level of Tense  Quiz For Grade 10  Mcqs With The Answer is helpful material in the preparation of tests, quizzes, and examinations for a grade. I carefully picked the most repeated but the Most Important TenseQuiz For  Grade 10. In the coming future, I am going to add more Tense  Quiz   MCQs For Grade 10. If you could provide me with some valuable feedback on the selection of MCQs, I would appreciate it.

Tense Quiz For Grade 10 Instructions:

  1.  This online quiz consists of 30 multiple choice questions
  2. Clicking the lets play button on this page will start your online game when you open it
  3. After starting the online quiz, the answers will change
  4. Practice it again and again if you want good grades
  5. Your scores and remarks are provided at the end of the quiz
  6. Any incorrect question or option in the quiz will be reported in the comments, so our team will correct it once.

  • Question of

    When you phoned, I ……………….. a shower.

    • Was Having
    • Am Having
    • Had
  • Question of

    If you had arrived late, I ………………….. angry.

    • Had Been
    • Would Have Been
    • Will Have Been
  • Question of

    They ………………….. the French course yet.

    • Have Not Started
    • Had Not Started
    • Have Not Start
  • Question of

    My family ………………….. in Australia for a year when I was a child

    • Was Living
    • Lives
    • Lived
  • Question of

    Most major cities …………………. significantly over the last 30 years.

    • Grew
    • Have Grown
    • Will Grow
  • Question of

    Mick usually ………………….. his dog in the afternoon.

    • Is Walking
    • Walks
    • Walk
  • Question of

    I’m tired. I ………………….. for 3 hours!

    • Have Studied
    • Have Been Studied
    • Had Been Studied
  • Question of

    This time next year I ………………….. in London for 7 years.

    • Will Have Been Living
    • Will Have Lived
    • Will Be Living
  • Question of

    They will read the report fully before they …………………..

    • Will Vote
    • Would Vote
    • Vote
  • Question of

    While I was reading, the phone …………………..

    • Rang
    • Was Ringing
    • Rung
  • Question of

    James, I ________________ you in a long time. How have you been?

    • Was Seen
    • Have Not Seen
    • Had Not Seen
  • Question of

    I _________ ice-cream.

    • Have Been Liking
    • Liked
    • Like
  • Question of

    I’m sorry the house is not available any longer. It ______ to a timber tycoon.

    • Is Sold
    • Will Be Sold
    • Has Been Sold
  • Question of

    Passengers ______ to smoke in the train.

    • Are Not Allowed
    • Had Not Allowed
    • Will Not Allow
  • Question of

    When I went back to my hometown a few years ago, I found that a lot of changes ______.

    • Had Taken Place
    • Have Taken Place
    • Are Taken Place
  • Question of

    Last week I ____________ three pizzas.

    • Ate
    • Have Eaten
    • Had Eaten
  • Question of

    I ___________ the piano since I was ten years old.

    • Played
    • Have Played
    • Will Played
  • Question of

    When I got the supermarket, it ______________.

    • Have Already Closed
    • Had Already Closed
    • Will Already Close
  • Question of

    I __________ to Paris once when I was a child.

    • Have Gone
    • Had Gone
    • Went
  • Question of

    The class ________________ when I arrived.

    • Will Already Start
    • Have Already Started
    • Had Already Started
  • Question of

    This time tomorrow my friends_____ to their home towns.

    • Will Travel
    • Will Travelling
    • Will be Travelling
    • Will Have Travelling
  • Question of

    Amin could not open the door because one of the other students_____ it from inside.

    • Locked
    • Has Locked
    • Had Locked
    • Was Locking
  • Question of

    Every day, even when it rains heavily, Kaushik _____ for a morning walk.

    • Going
    • Is Going
    • Goes
    • Is Gone
  • Question of

    At this moment, ____ an exercise to review the tenses.

    • I Do
    • I Doing
    • I Have Done
    • I Am Done
  • Question of

    He had a break after he_____ for two hours.

    • Has Been Walked
    • Had Been Walking
    • Walked
    • Was Walking
  • Question of

    He_____ the piano every day

    • Is Play
    • Plays
    • Is Playing
    • Play
    • Play
  • Question of

    Where_____ they live?

    • Do
    • Doed
    • Were
    • None
    • None
  • Question of

    It_____. Take an umbrella with you

    • Rained
    • Has Rained
    • Will Be Raining
    • Is Raining
  • Question of

    Seema_____ a new sari yesterday.

    • Has Bought
    • Bought
    • Will Buy
    • Is Buying
  • Question of

    There are some birds that _____every year.

    • Migrate
    • Are Migrating
    • Has Migrated
    • Will Migrate

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