Verb Quiz For Grade 9

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I carefully picked the most repeated but the Most Important Verb Mcqs of Grade 9In the coming future, I am going to add more Verb MCQs For Grade 9. If you could provide me with some valuable feedback on the selection of MCQs, I would appreciate it.

Verb Quiz For Grade 9 Instructions:

  1. This online quiz consists of 30 multiple choice questions
  2. Clicking the lets play button on this page will start your online game when you open it
  3. After starting the online quiz, the answers will change
  4. Practice it again and again if you want good grades
  5. Your scores and remarks are provided at the end of the quiz
  6. Any incorrect question or option in the quiz will be reported in the comments, so our team will correct it once.

  • Question of

    I woke ______ at 6 o’clock, but then I went back to sleep.

    • Down
    • Up
    • Out
    • In
    • In
  • Question of

    I promise to ______ her daughter next week when she’s at work.

    • Take Off
    • Look For
    • Knock Up
    • Look After
  • Question of

    The Firefighter is trying to _____ fire.

    • Put Off
    • Put Up
    • Put Out
    • Put Away
  • Question of

    She needs to take a while to _____ the cold.

    • Get Along
    • Get Over
    • Get Through
    • Get On
  • Question of

    Do you mind if I _____ (remove) my shirt.

    • Take On
    • Take Up
    • Take off
    • Take Down
  • Question of

    Let’s ___ (go out socially)!

    • Hang up
    • Hang on
    • Hang Out
    • Hang Over
  • Question of

    Because of the heavy rain, the soccer game has been ____ .

    • Put On
    • Put Away
    • Put Back
    • Put Off
  • Question of

    We’ve got a long way to drive, so we ought to _________ (start a journey) as early as possible.

    • Carry On
    • Settle Down
    • Set Off
    • Find Out
  • Question of

    What a gorgeous dress! Would you mind if I would like to ______ it ______ .

    • Take / Off
    • Put / On
    • Try / On
    • Throw / Away
  • Question of

    She has just _______ with her boyfriend.

    • Break Up
    • Break Down
    • Broken Up
    • Broken Down
  • Question of

    I’ve decided to _____ sailing.

    • Take On
    • Take Off
    • Take Up
    • Turn Up
  • Question of

    Tom’s party has been _________________ (cancelled)

    • Put Off
    • Taken Off
    • Called Off
    • Given Away
    • I’m looking forward to _________________Christmas with you.
  • Question of

    I’m looking forward to _________________Christmas with you.

    • Spend
    • Spending
    • Spent
    • Have Spent
  • Question of

    The bus was full. We couldn’t __________________

    • Get Along
    • Get Away
    • Get Out
    • Get On
  • Question of

    Sorry I’m late. The car ____________on the way.

    • Broke In
    • Broke Down
    • Broke Out
    • Broke Away
  • Question of

    It was my first flight. I was nervous as the plane _________

    • Took Over
    • Took After
    • Took Off
    • Took Of
  • Question of

    You’re walking too fast. I can’t _____________ with you.

    • Keep Up
    • Keep Back
    • Keep Down
    • Keep From
  • Question of

    Who do you_________the most in your family? Definitely my Mom.

    • Keep Up With
    • Get On With
    • Look Down On
    • Look Forward To
  • Question of

    She ________ talking for hours even though we were tired.

    • Took On
    • Took In
    • Got Through
    • Went On
  • Question of

    I was born in England but I _________ in Scotland.

    • Took Up
    • Picked Up
    • Grew Up
    • Grew On
  • Question of

    They are planning to _______ this old building next year. They will have a new museum built.

    • Pull Down
    • Turn Down
    • Look Down
    • Pass Down
  • Question of

    She is the single Mom who had to__________her daughter on her own without the help of anyone.

    • Set Up
    • Grow Up
    • Put Up
    • Bring Up
  • Question of

    I’m completely __________! I want to go to bed!

    • Worn Out
    • Brought Up
    • Grown Up
    • Cleared Up
  • Question of

    I thought someone in the office must have taken my favourite pen but it suddenly APPEARED in my coat pocket.

    • Turned On
    • Turned Up
    • Turned Off
    • Turned About
  • Question of

    When the fireworks EXPLODED, my sister was in the balcony and she had a heart attack.

    • Went Over
    • Went Off
    • Went On
    • Went Ahead
  • Question of

    Students never REVISE what they have written so far, they are in a hurry to hand in their exams.

    • Go Ahead
    • Go Off
    • Go Over
    • Go On
  • Question of

    What is the antonym of “INSUBORDINATE”?

    • Obedient
    • Disobedient
    • Honest
    • Dishonest
  • Question of

    SYNONYM It is believed that conflicts between parents and children can be resolved by means of heart-to- heart talks.

    • Harmony
    • Disagreements
    • Differences
    • Similarities
  • Question of

    Identify ONE mistake: His parents asked him to buy books which he found them useful and necessary for his study.

    • To Buy
    • Them
    • Necessary
    • Study
  • Question of

    Identify the type of verb in the following sentence. The verb is red. Every month, bands from across the country visit New Your City.

    • Action
    • Linking

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