Vocabulary Quiz For Grade 3

With the ECTI, you will learn through the Vocabulary Quiz  For  Grade  3  in a continuous testing process. It will help you prepare the particular topic in a row. On the other hand, repeated practice will ensure your grip for the best preparation. 

I am sure that the level of Vocabulary Quiz  For  Grade  3  Mcqs With The Answer is helpful material in the preparation of tests, quizzes, and examinations for a grade. I carefully picked the most repeated but the Most Important Vocabulary  Quiz  For  Grade 3 In the coming future, I am going to add more Vocabulary  Mcqs  Quiz  For  Grade 3. If you could provide me with some valuable feedback on the selection of MCQs, I would appreciate it.

Vocabulary Quiz For Grade 3 Instructions:

  1. There are 30 MCQs in this online quiz
  2. When you open this page option of lets play is available when you click this option your online will be started
  3. Answers to the questions will change after starting the online quiz
  4. If you want  to achieve good grades then practice it again and again
  5. At the end of the quiz, you get your scores and also get remarks
  6. If any question or option you found incorrect in the quiz you will be told in the comments so our team will change this one time

  • Question of

    Her opponent in the match has won three championships in a row.

    • Someone who wins championships
    • Someone who judges a match
    • Someone you have just met
    • Someone who competes against another person
  • Question of

    Everyone at the hospital knew Dr. Richards and treated him with great reverence.

    • Anger
    • Respect
    • Hatred
    • Boredom
  • Question of

    Choose the word that matches all three meanings below. *a hole with water *satisfactorily *healthy

    • Cave
    • Fine
    • Can
    • Well
  • Question of

    Jean and Bob like to toss a baseball back and forth without using gloves. Choose the word with the same meaning as the underlined word.

    • Throw
    • Hurl
    • Roll
    • Fire
  • Question of

    While Melissa looked in her picnic basket for the ketchup, a stray dog ran to the table and gobbled up her cheeseburger.

    • The dog ate noisily
    • The dog ate quickly
    • The dog ate slowly
    • The dog likes cheeseburgers
  • Question of

    Erika was _______ with her little sister for getting them both in trouble. Which word is the STRONGEST word to use in the sentence.

    • Annoyed
    • Upset
    • Angry
    • Furious
  • Question of

    When the doctor asked Merle how he felt, Merle replied that he’d never felt better in his life.

    • Sighed
    • Whispered
    • Yelled
    • Answered
  • Question of

    The lion hadn’t eaten for three days and was beginning to look slender.

    • Skeletal
    • Chubby
    • Hungry
    • Thin
  • Question of

    No only did Ellen have a toothache, but she also had measles, which just added to her misery. What does misery mean?

    • Ellen is recovering
    • Ellen is really suffering
    • Ellen is uncomfortable
    • Ellen is resting
  • Question of

    Felix wondered if he was a coward for running away from the tiny barking Chihuahua.

    • Someone who is afraid or not courageous
    • Someone who doesn’t like dogs
    • Someone who enjoys running
    • Someone who hates loud sounds
  • Question of

    No one has lived in the vacant house on the hill for about 15 years.

    • Not lived in
    • Old and dusty
    • Broken down
    • Haunted
  • Question of

    When my favorite superhero died in the movie, I felt a deep sense of sorrow.

    • Anger
    • Sadness
    • Happiness
    • Confusion
  • Question of

    The ballet dancers moved gracefully across the stage in perfect step with each other.

    • Smoothly
    • Clumsily
    • Quickly
    • Happily
  • Question of

    The spaceship lost power, and began to plunge toward Earth.

    • To fly gracefully
    • To explode
    • To push into something quickly
    • To fall suddenly from a high place
  • Question of

    Nancy has a lot of talent and ambition to become one of the best singers in the world.

    • A strong dislike
    • A strong decision
    • A set of skills
    • A feeling of anger
  • Question of

    Collete didn’t sleep very well on her flight, but she thought she may have dozed for a few minutes.

    • Slept lightly
    • Pilot of the plane
    • Dreamed
    • Sat very still
  • Question of

    Mickey tried to sit down in the empty seat, but the woman at the table shook her head and said it was occupied.

    • Available
    • Not clean
    • New
    • Being used by someone else
  • Question of

    The flower wasn’t looking very well, so I gave it some water and tried to revive it.

    • Make it worse
    • Made it strong again
    • Stopped
    • Doubted
  • Question of

    Grandma stepped around the toys and books that were on the floor. She asked, “Why is there so much clutter in your room?”

    • Something you can read
    • A normal part of your bedroom
    • A mess
    • Furniture
  • Question of

    When the grumpy old man saw the cute puppies playing in the pet store, he let a rare smile cross his face.

    • Really old
    • Brand new
    • Not common/ does not happen much
    • Related to animals
  • Question of

    Which book would you use to find a map of Africa?

    • Dictionary
    • Atlas
    • Recipe book
    • Phone book
  • Question of

    Where on a horse will you find a horseshoe?

    • Nose
    • Tail
    • Hoof
    • Knee
  • Question of

    Thank you for making me __________________ of the problem.

    • Gaze
    • Aware
    • Aloft
    • Fierce
  • Question of

    What is the hard, tough covering on the foot of a horse, cow or deer?

    • A hoof
    • A fang
    • A lion
    • A boar
  • Question of

    What is an adult male pig?

    • A mare
    • A calf
    • A boar
    • A buffalo
  • Question of

    Match the definition with the correct vocabulary word. knowing something

    • Aware
    • Fierce
    • Rare
    • Aboard
  • Question of

    What is a long, pointed tooth?

    • A hoof
    • A cavity
    • A gum
    • A fang
  • Question of

    What does the word AGRICULTURE mean?

    • The study of aliens from other planets
    • The study of aliens from other planets
    • The science of cultivating soil, growing plants, and breading animals
    • How people act with one another
  • Question of

    What does the word EDUCATION mean?

    • Knowledge or skill gained from study or practice
    • The study of exercise
    • Another word for gym class
  • Question of

    What does the word waver mean?

    • To be uncirtan
    • To need a rest
    • To fall to the ground
    • To move your hand excitedly

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