Vocabulary Quiz For Grade 3

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    Her opponent in the match has won three championships in a row.

    • Someone who wins championships
    • Someone who judges a match
    • Someone you have just met
    • Someone who competes against another person
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    Everyone at the hospital knew Dr. Richards and treated him with great reverence.

    • Anger
    • Respect
    • Hatred
    • Boredom
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    Choose the word that matches all three meanings below. *a hole with water *satisfactorily *healthy

    • Cave
    • Fine
    • Can
    • Well
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    Jean and Bob like to toss a baseball back and forth without using gloves. Choose the word with the same meaning as the underlined word.

    • Throw
    • Hurl
    • Roll
    • Fire
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    While Melissa looked in her picnic basket for the ketchup, a stray dog ran to the table and gobbled up her cheeseburger.

    • The dog ate noisily
    • The dog ate quickly
    • The dog ate slowly
    • The dog likes cheeseburgers
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    Erika was _______ with her little sister for getting them both in trouble. Which word is the STRONGEST word to use in the sentence.

    • Annoyed
    • Upset
    • Angry
    • Furious
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    When the doctor asked Merle how he felt, Merle replied that he’d never felt better in his life.

    • Sighed
    • Whispered
    • Yelled
    • Answered
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    The lion hadn’t eaten for three days and was beginning to look slender.

    • Skeletal
    • Chubby
    • Hungry
    • Thin
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    No only did Ellen have a toothache, but she also had measles, which just added to her misery. What does misery mean?

    • Ellen is recovering
    • Ellen is really suffering
    • Ellen is uncomfortable
    • Ellen is resting
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    Felix wondered if he was a coward for running away from the tiny barking Chihuahua.

    • Someone who is afraid or not courageous
    • Someone who doesn’t like dogs
    • Someone who enjoys running
    • Someone who hates loud sounds
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    No one has lived in the vacant house on the hill for about 15 years.

    • Not lived in
    • Old and dusty
    • Broken down
    • Haunted
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    When my favorite superhero died in the movie, I felt a deep sense of sorrow.

    • Anger
    • Sadness
    • Happiness
    • Confusion
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    The ballet dancers moved gracefully across the stage in perfect step with each other.

    • Smoothly
    • Clumsily
    • Quickly
    • Happily
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    The spaceship lost power, and began to plunge toward Earth.

    • To fly gracefully
    • To explode
    • To push into something quickly
    • To fall suddenly from a high place
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    Nancy has a lot of talent and ambition to become one of the best singers in the world.

    • A strong dislike
    • A strong decision
    • A set of skills
    • A feeling of anger
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    Collete didn’t sleep very well on her flight, but she thought she may have dozed for a few minutes.

    • Slept lightly
    • Pilot of the plane
    • Dreamed
    • Sat very still
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    Mickey tried to sit down in the empty seat, but the woman at the table shook her head and said it was occupied.

    • Available
    • Not clean
    • New
    • Being used by someone else
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    The flower wasn’t looking very well, so I gave it some water and tried to revive it.

    • Make it worse
    • Made it strong again
    • Stopped
    • Doubted
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    Grandma stepped around the toys and books that were on the floor. She asked, “Why is there so much clutter in your room?”

    • Something you can read
    • A normal part of your bedroom
    • A mess
    • Furniture
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    When the grumpy old man saw the cute puppies playing in the pet store, he let a rare smile cross his face.

    • Really old
    • Brand new
    • Not common/ does not happen much
    • Related to animals
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    Which book would you use to find a map of Africa?

    • Dictionary
    • Atlas
    • Recipe book
    • Phone book
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    Where on a horse will you find a horseshoe?

    • Nose
    • Tail
    • Hoof
    • Knee
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    Thank you for making me __________________ of the problem.

    • Gaze
    • Aware
    • Aloft
    • Fierce
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    What is the hard, tough covering on the foot of a horse, cow or deer?

    • A hoof
    • A fang
    • A lion
    • A boar
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    What is an adult male pig?

    • A mare
    • A calf
    • A boar
    • A buffalo
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    Match the definition with the correct vocabulary word. knowing something

    • Aware
    • Fierce
    • Rare
    • Aboard
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    What is a long, pointed tooth?

    • A hoof
    • A cavity
    • A gum
    • A fang
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    What does the word AGRICULTURE mean?

    • The study of aliens from other planets
    • The study of aliens from other planets
    • The science of cultivating soil, growing plants, and breading animals
    • How people act with one another
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    What does the word EDUCATION mean?

    • Knowledge or skill gained from study or practice
    • The study of exercise
    • Another word for gym class
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    What does the word waver mean?

    • To be uncirtan
    • To need a rest
    • To fall to the ground
    • To move your hand excitedly

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