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Sabanci University Scholarship 2021

Sabanci University Scholarship


Sabanci University Scholarship applications are open for the academic year 2021. Students who are international and Turkish can apply for the bachelor’s, master’s, and post-doctorate programs. Scholarships range from 100% to 25%, with full funding as well as partial funding. Academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and the university’s scholarship quota will be considered when selecting candidates.

Sabanci University Scholarships are highly competitive. We will consider all aspects of a student’s background, including academic background, reference letters, good grades, transcripts, scholarships, medals, Olympiad certificates, and academic achievement. PhD and MSc candidates should have the potential to publish. To avail of the opportunity, you must fill all the applications with the interest of your right field. Those students who will fall at the required criteria can get the chance to study in turkey.

When it comes to the Istanbul private universities, then Sabanci is the most popular among them. As of 2021, Sabanci University stands at #521-#530 in QS’s Global World Ranking. Further, Applicants know the engineering, social sciences, natural sciences, and management sciences by research. 

For many students, studying in Turkey is a dream come true. However, studying abroad and living in a country such as Turkey is not affordable for most students due to its expenses. There are several full-ride and partial scholarships available for international students from the Turkish government and universities. You need to score well and prepare everything before applying for Turkish scholarship programs. Make sure you schedule your documents and apply before the deadline. You can get Scholarships as a reward on priority to early applications.

More information about the Sabanci University Scholarship can be found here.

  • Türkiye Country
  • The project has full financial backing

Criteria for eligibility:

Students must meet specific criteria to qualify for Sabanci University scholarships:

  • Students from abroad can join us.
  • Applicants from Turkey who have previously studied in foreign countries are also eligible to apply (conditions apply).
  • Applicants must have a good academic record.
  • By the deadline, the documents should be submitted in their entirety.
  • English proficiency is a requirement for candidates.
  • Sabanci University offers a variety of programs to which candidates can apply.


  • The benefits of scholarships vary depending on the field (program).
  • Sabanci University offers an all-expense-paid scholarship.
  • Housing in dorms is avialabe in the stipend.
  • Graduate students are eligible for a publication incentive (for specific faculty members).
  • In addition, the candidate may also receive partial funding (covering 50% of tuition fees and 25% of expenses, respectively); they can also be reimbursed for their dorm fees.

Additional information:

Documents required:

  • An acceptable score from the results.
  • Certificate of high school graduation (English or Turkish)
  • Transcripts of official documents (stamped/signed by the examiner)
  • Reference letter for an academic position
  • A copy of your residence permit
  • The faculty may require additional documents
  • Test score for English language proficiency


August 5, 2021

Application Process:

Applicants must apply for admission and all required documents to Sabanci University. You will be consider for admission scholarships are will be if eligible. There is no separate application. 

Applicants should assure about the completion of the application to meet the deadline and requirements as well.

A progress update will be sent through email to applicants. Ensure that your application and supporting documentation is will meet the deadline. Please email iro-crm@sabanciuniv.edu with any questions you have regarding this scholarship.

The Sabanci University Scholarship application links are provided below.

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