Syllabus for CSS English Essay Paper

CSS English Essay Paper

CSS English Essay Syllabus-(Revised for 2021)


Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Total Marks: 100 MARKS

The candidates have to write an English essay on any of the given topics. The required length of words is between 2,500 words to 3,000 words within three hours. There will be ten different topics where one or more topics can be given for examination.

You have to use different discourse as follows for example:

  • Exposition
  • Argumentation
  • Description and Narration

The candidates need to make outlines for the selected essay. The below mentioned three core areas are highly important to get credit.

  • Organisation in the essay
  • Relevance
  • Clarity

What are the topics in CSS English Essay Papers?

Generally, it consists of these areas to pick the topic. The examiners want to check the competence of the candidate by grabbing the research work, thoughts, views, opinions, beliefs, vocabulary, exposition, argumentation.

 It is important how do you describe and narrate in an organized, relevant, and clear way. 

You can say that it is simply to get the reader convinced on your topic with a variety of powerful sentences showing a variety of arguments, set of logic, number of references, facts, and figures. 

Areas of Essay Topics

  • Current Affairs, Issues, or Debates
  • Social Issues or Debates
  • Development, Growth, and Progress
  • Educational issues and Debates
  • Religious Issues or Debates
  • Philosophical Debates
  • Scientific and technological Topics or Debates
  • Political Issues or Debates
  • Reasons, causes, effects, and impacts

The speed of writing along with the quality you produce does matter. The ECTI Pakistan has a wide range of essays for CSS English essay paper preparation. Essay writing is an art and you need to learn it properly. 

Learn How to get prepared for CSS Exam 2021?

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