MOFA Taiwan Fellowship 2021 – 2022

Taiwan Fellowship

A Taiwan Fellowship application form will be available at the Center for Chinese Studies from May 1st to June 30th, 2021.

Foreign Ministry launches MOFA Taiwan Fellowship ROC as a means of rewarding experts and scholars. Other topics studied include cross-strait relations, mainland China, Asia Pacific, and globalization.

Along with the above research topics, there are post covid era, political dynamic, national defense strategy, and cybersecurity in the Taiwan universities.

During the fellowship period, recipients will receive the following financial assistance:

  • Payment of the monthly grant occurs at the beginning of every month.
    1. Researchers, associate researchers, assistant researchers: NT$60,000.
    2. Research fellows, assistant professors, or doctoral candidates: NT$50,000.
  • The applicant will get the return ticket for Taiwan.
  • NT$1 million of accident insurance coverage (plus medical insurance for accidental injuries).

Fellowships like this are great opportunities for candidates around the world!

 Taiwan Fellowship Advantages

  • Every month, grants are paid.
  • All the professors, associate professors, research fellows, and associates will get NT$60,000.
  • Doctoral candidates, assistant researchers, or assistant professors will receive NT$50,000.
  • Further, the applicant will receive a return ticket from the MOFA with the regulations.
  • The accident insurance (plus medical insurance) covers NT$1 million.

 Criteria for Eligibility

  • The topic must be by the Taiwan fellowship. 
  • Faculty members, assistant professors, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students, and junior staff at overseas universities, as well as staff at institutions of higher education comparable to those overseas.
  • ROC (Taiwan) overseas missions recommend graduates whose field of study is Taiwan’s foreign relations or cross-strait relations.

Region Eligibility: All

Process Of Application

  • The first important thing is to prepare a research proposal and resume. 
  • The second thing is the two recommendation letters or one from the applicant institution. 
  • You will need two letters of recommendation or one letter of recommendation and another letter of agreement from the top administrator at the applicant’s institution.
  • Applicants must print and mail their application forms and all application documents to the Taiwan Embassy or its Representative Office by post.
  • Request permission for research in Taiwan by contacting ROC universities or research institutions.
  • Please send a letter of consent to the Taiwan Fellowship team by December 31, and read the Terms of Agreement for the Taiwan Fellowship.

The application deadline is June 30, 2021.