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Vice Chancellors Academic Excellence Scholarships 2021

Vice Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Scholarships


Vice Chancellors Academic Excellence Scholarships for the Undergraduate Program are open. Students from foreign countries are eligible for scholarships during the academic year 2021-2022. It is specially prepare to encourage international students to attend Western Sydney University.

The scholarships provide a partial waiver of the undergraduate program’s tuition fee. Scholarships for students who begin in 2021 are only available. The panelled office of Western Sydney University will shortlist candidates; selections are made twice a year. In addition to the scholarship application, applicants should state how the scholarship will assist and benefit their future careers. Email notifications will be sent to successful candidates.

Vice Chancellors Academic Excellence Scholarships have multiple programs as per the demand of the students, including bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. Programs with their different campuses. When it comes to the value of study, research then the institutes have a high value. Therefore, they start the excellence program to enhance the learning of students with multiple scholarships. Scholarships are available for all undergraduate courses at the University. The vice-chancellor grants academic excellence scholarships for three years.

Scholarships for Academic Excellence offered by the Vice-Chancellor

Country: Australia

Financial coverage: Partially Funded

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Eligible students accept scholarship applications.
  • The applicants must not be Australian citizens or New Zealand, residents.
  • During the duration of the scholarship, the visa status cannot change.
  • Western Sydney University will only accept applications from first-time students.
  • Undergraduate programs that are registered CRICOS must be applied for.
  • Applicants must meet all University requirements, and the offer of admission must be accepted.

Vice Chancellors Academic Excellence Scholarships Benefits:

  • Students enrolled full-time at Western Sydney University will pay 50 percent of their tuition fees.
  • International students should check the admission requirements of Western Sydney University before applying. They must attach a previous transcript.

Other Details:

For international students for acceptance to Western Sydney University, make sure they meet the requirements. It is also necessary to provide previous transcripts.

Application Process:

Undergraduate scholarships will not get reward by the vice-chancellor separately. If the applicant meets the eligibility requirements, her admission application will automatically be considered for the scholarship.