Upkey’s Virtual Internship Program – Easy Guide 2021

ECTI Pakistan - Upkeys virtual internship program

Overview of Virtual Internship Program

Are you looking for the best internship opportunity to avail yourself of from home? We are giving you the most amazing summer virtual internship program in 2021. Go ahead with it and apply.

Students can maintain a marketable professional image, demonstrate their grit and tenacity, and enhance their potential through Upkey’s fun, engaging learning tracks. Live programs, virtual tools, and hands-on activities help students become confident, polished, and job-ready. 

Further, Students gaining social capital as well as 21st-century skills are gained with their engaging, powerful, and free services. In addition, they work with leading companies to help build talent pipelines so that the next generation of diverse workers is educated, engaged, and discovered earlier.

In the early stages of students’ careers, getting real-world, hands-on experience plays an essential role. The path to success for every student is different. However, Upkeys Internship is looking for aspiring people that will help in personal development. With this opportunity, you will be able to gain the trending skills to help you in your professional life.

Along with this, you’ll acquire insight into the market, enhance your 21st-century skills, and make contacts with industry professionals. Young professionals can take advantage of a variety of valuable resources and tools offered through Upkey’s Virtual Internship (VIP) programs.

  • Expert lessons on entrepreneurship, leadership, career readiness, and more.
  • Hands-on experience with projects related to your goals and interests
  • Access to top companies, entrepreneurs, professors, executives, and mentors who have been where you are and can help you succeed.
  • A growing network: VIP students on average triple their network within 8 weeks.
  • The opportunity to take on other projects from various fields (ex. financial, marketing, and technological).
  • Mentorship and leadership training from top executives
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Aspects of the Virtual Internship Program

The Up key immersive virtual experience is designed to prepare students for the workforce while also equipping them with everyday life skills. To meet their goals, they offer the following to selected VIP interns:

  • The scholarships are worth 15K each.
  • Company badges from leading manufacturers
  • professionals in the industry at different levels.
  • Obtaining a certificate of completion
  • Leaders from the F-100 and the leading industry
  • You with your internship as a mentor
  • Working for another company as an extern
  • It will be a long-lasting opportunity to connect peer-to-peer networks.
  • The program consists of three (3) college credits transferrable to any college (Up key is partnering with Trinity Christian College to make this possible).
  • Trinity Christian College offers students the opportunity to earn three (3) elective college credits by examination. To transfer these credits, Trinity may charge a fee of $100.
  • Job and career experience that is resume-worthy

 Criteria for eligibility

Students who are in college, recent graduates, or high school seniors who would like to gain new skill sets in these areas are eligible to apply:

  • Aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Media and Content Creation
  • Strategic Consulting and Analysis
  • Technological Innovation and Product Management
  • Management of business enterprises
  • Communicating and Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance

Eligible Regions: Open for all.

Application Process

  • Become a member of Upkey first before applying for this program.
  • For enrollment and further instructions, please click on Apply Now.