World Bank Junior Professional Associates Program 2021

ECTI Pakistan - World Bank Junior Professional Associates Program


For those seeking work opportunities, they are now available through the World Bank Junior Professional Associates Program.

A newcomer benefits from the World Bank’s career opportunities. In addition to providing work experience, JPA is designed to give learners a glimpse into the modern workplace. Associate programs for junior professionals offer a platform for fresh graduates to polish their skills and gain new ones. Experienced professionals supervise juniors in the organization. A two-year international program for junior professional associates is offered. 

In addition, no one is hired permanently. While participating in the JPA Program, youth will have the opportunity to discover their talents in the private, public, corporate, academic, and other developmental areas.

The World Bank Junior Professional Associates Program welcomes applications from young people with backgrounds in economics, social science, human resources, finance, health care, and other fields. This is a paid program, so I am not concerned about expenses; I will receive a competitive salary from the World Bank for the duration of the program. Students have two years to complete the program.

Students will gain experience working within a professional environment during the program, and they will be open to various challenges in modern-day development. At the World Bank, junior professionals can work on several assignments simultaneously and use their technical and analytical skills alongside professionals in the field.

Professionals passionate about developing technologies and learning new methods for innovation and development should apply and not worry. Application to the program is open to all nationalities, colors, religions, ethnicities, genders, and disabilities.

Further, You have the opportunity to help the most prominent organization in the world on a project that will pave the way for many future opportunities. As soon as you meet the eligibility requirements, apply for the Junior Professional Associates Program. Applications are open throughout the year.


Junior Professional Associates must meet specific criteria before applying.

  • It is not gender-specific.
  • Graduated from a college or university; a bachelor’s degree is preferred (or equivalent).
  • You can apply regardless of your nationality.
  • English must be fluent.
  • No applicant over the age of 28 may apply.
  • We encourage disabled applicants to use it as well.
  • Employees of ETC are ineligible.
  • A preference will be for applicants with fluency in one of the Bank’s official languages (Arabic, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish).


Among the benefits of the Junior Professional Associates Program are:

  • A competitive salary for applicants.
  • world bank work contract of two years.
  • Applicants with disabilities will receive funds.
  • This is your chance to begin your career with a renowned organization.

Additional Details:

Documents needed:

Along with the application, you will submit the following documents should be.

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letterhead
  • Recommendation letters
  • Certificates of educational attainment
  • Letter of Experience (if any)
  • Certification of Language Proficiency
  • You can also check Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

Due date:

31 December 2021

Process of Applying:

  • On the official career website, applicants must apply online for the Junior Professional Associates Program.
  • If the HR manager selects a capable applicant, they must also complete the online application requirements.
  • Incomplete or incorrect information may result in the disqualification of a candidate.
  • Applicants may apply again after six months if they wish; their application will be ready for submission if they do.
  • In case we left out anything important, please read the details on the official website.