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Some interesting facts about Animals with J

Here is a complete alphabetical list of popular names of “animals that starts with J”.  For you, our list contains the maximum number of “animals that start with J” in 6 different languages, along with interesting facts at the end.

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Animals That Start With J in different Languages

ECTI has added different languages for animals that start with J. It is for those who are speaking languages other than English. 

Animals have different names in different languages. So, interestingly, we need to know what other languages are talking about it.

What is the special thing about our collection?
One list with 6 famous languages.

So, the list includes the animal’s name in English, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese language.

ECTI is happy to provide educational, entertaining, and informative content on the different animals. Our informative list is in alphabetical order, and it can include a few more categories than just discussed. You can also find a separate collection of images of animals that start with I.

One more thing,

At the end of the topic, you can see some interesting facts about "animals  beginning with J".

For a deep learning, we have a downloadable and printable documents. Find the “ animals that start with I PDF” for your sharable records.

List of Animals that Start with J

Jack DempseyJack DempseyJack DempseyJack Dempsey杰克·登普西ジャック・デンプシー
Jack FishPoisson JackPez gatoJack Fish杰克鱼ジャックフィッシュ
Jack RabbitLièvreConejo JackJack Rabbit杰克兔ジャックラビット
Jack RusselJack RusselJack RusselJack Russel杰克罗素ジャックラッセル
Jack RussellJack RussellJack RussellJack Russell杰克罗素ジャックラッセル
JackrabbitlièvreLiebreconiglio lepre野兔ジャックラビット
Jackson’s ChameleonLe caméléon de JacksonCamaleón de JacksonIl camaleonte di Jackson杰克逊的变色龙ジャクソンカメレオン
Jaguarundi CatChat JaguarundiGato jaguarundiGatto Jaguarundi美洲虎猫ジャガランディ猫
Japanese BeetleScarabée japonaisEscarabajo japonésscarabeo giapponese日本甲虫マメコガネ
Japanese Chinmenton japonaisBarbilla japonesacinese giapponese日本下巴
Japanese Harelièvre japonaisLiebre japonesalepre giapponese日本野兔ニホンノウサギ
Japanese MacaqueMacaque japonaisMacaco japonésMacaco giapponese日本猕猴ニホンザル
Japanese Moletaupe japonaiseMole japonéstalpa giapponese日本 鼹鼠コウベモグラ
Japanese SpitzSpitz japonaisSpitz japonésSpitz giapponese日本斯皮茨日本スピッツ
Japanese SquirrelÉcureuil japonaisArdilla japonesaScoiattolo giapponese日本松鼠ニホンリス
Japanese TerrierTerrier japonaisTerrier japonésTerrier giapponese日本梗日本テリア
Javan LangurLangur javanaisLangur de JavaLangur di Giava爪哇叶猴ジャワルトン
Javan PigCochon de JavaCerdo de JavaMaiale di Giava爪哇猪スンダイボイノシ
Javan PipistrellePipistrelle de JavaJavan PipistrellePipistrelle di Giava贾万·皮皮斯特雷尔アブラコウモリ
Javan RhinocerosRhinocéros de JavaRinoceronte de JavaRinoceronte di Giava爪哇犀牛ジャワサイ
Javan Slit-faced BatBat de Javan à face fendueMurciélago de Javan con la cara rajadaPipistrello di Giava con la faccia a fessura爪哇裂面蝙蝠ジャワミゾコウモリ
Javan Tree ShrewMusaraigne de JavaMusaraña de árbol de JavaToporagno di Giava爪哇树鼩ジャワツパイ
Jico Deer MouseSouris Chevreuil JicoRatón Ciervo JicoJico Cervo MouseJico 鹿鼠ジコディアマウス
John DoryJohn DoryJohn DoryGiovanni Dory约翰·多里ジョン・ドーリー
Joro SpiderAraignée JoroAraña JoroRagno Joro乔罗蜘蛛ジョロウグモ
Jumping SpiderAraignée sauteuseAraña saltadoraRagno saltatore跳蛛ハエトリグモ
Jungle CatChat de la jungleGato de selvagatto della giungla丛林猫ジャングルキャット
Jungle Palm SquirrelÉcureuil de la jungleArdilla de la palma de la selvaScoiattolo palma della giungla丛林棕榈松鼠ジャングルパームリス
Jungle ShrewMusaraigne de la jungleMusaraña de la selvatoporagno della giungla丛林泼妇ジャングルトガリネズミ
JunglefowlOiseaux de la jungleJunglefowluccelli della giungla丛林禽ヤケイ
Junin Grass MouseSouris herbe JuninRatón de hierba de JuninJunin Erba Topo胡宁草鼠ジュニングラスマウス
Junin Red SquirrelÉcureuil roux JuninArdilla Roja JuninScoiattolo rosso di Junin朱宁红松鼠ジュニンキタリス
Juniper VoleCampagnol des GenévriersEnebro campañolarvicola di ginepro杜松田鼠ジュニパーヴォール

Do you have a pet?

First, try to find out some unique attributes.

Secondly, keep an eye on habits.

Do you know why?


Animals repeat their habits AGAIN AND AGAIN.

They learn through it, repeat it all the time.


More about Animals

List of Animals Starting with J in English

Our list contains the following animals that start with ‘J’.

  • Jabiru
  • Jacamar
  • Jacana
  • Jackal
  • Jack Rabbit
  • Jack Russel
  • Jaeger
  • Jaguar
  • Jaguarundi
  • Japanese Chin
  • Japanese Hare
  • Japanese Macaque
  • Japanese Mole
  • Japanese Squirrel
  • Javan Langur
  • Javan Pig
  • Javan Pipistrelle
  • Javan Rhinoceros
  • Javan Slit-faced Bat
  • Javan Tree Shrew
  • Javanese
  • Jay
  • Jellyfish
  • Jerboa
  • Jico Deer Mouse
  • John Dory
  • Jumping Spider
  • Junco
  • Jungle Cat
  • Junglefowl
  • Jungle Palm Squirrel
  • Jungle Shrew
  • Junin Grass Mouse
  • Junin Red Squirrel
  • Juniper Vole

Some Interesting Facts About Animals with J


Located in Central and South America, this bird is the tallest flying bird.


It lives in the forests of South and Central America.


These birds appear to walk on water.


A type of canine. It is related to dogs, coyotes, foxes, and wolves.

Jack Rabbit

Despite their name, these animals are hares with all six species being found in North America.

Jack Russel

An intelligent and active working breed.


Steals prey from other seabirds.


The third-largest cat species in the world. 


A wild cat that can be found in Texas, Mexico, and throughout South America.

Japanese Chin

They are actually from China, not Japan.

Japanese Hare

It is indeed native to Japan.

Japanese Macaques

Famous as snow money.

Japanese Mole

It is native to East Asia.

Japanese Squirrel

By stretching its forelimbs, this squirrel can glide on its membrane. 

Javan Langur

Typically found in Java, Bali, and Indonesia, this species rarely touches the ground.

Javan Pig

Primarily nocturnal and crepuscular, this animal lives alone.

Javan Pipistrelle

The European, North African, and southwest Asian species of bat.

Javan Rhinoceros

They can live around 30-45 years.

Javan Slit-faced Bat

The large, vertical slit that runs across the top of their flattened noseleaf gives them their name.

Javan Tree Shrew

Of all animals, they have the highest brain-to-body mass ratio.


A very muscular cat capable of performing kitty acrobatics.


Hawk-like birds.


Invertebrates mean they don’t have backbones.


Small rodents that resemble miniature kangaroos.

Jico Deer Mouse

A species of rodent found only in Mexico.

John Dory

A circular marking appears on either side of this fish’s body to startle predators.

Jumping Spider

Known for having an excellent vision.


An American sparrow.

Jungle Cat

A reed and swamp cat.


Pheasants and chickens belong to the same family.

Jungle Palm Squirrel

Endemic to India and unlike other species of squirrels. They don’t hibernate during the winter.

Jungle Shrew

It is endemic to Sri Lanka and threatened by habitat loss.

Junin Grass Mouse

Rodents like this can only be found in Peru.

Junin Red Squirrel

A large tree squirrel.

Juniper Vole

Rodents are found in Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.

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