What is Adverb? Types of Adverbs with Examples

What is adverb? Types of adverb


What is an Adverb?

Most people know about adverbs and the types of adverbs. They are the words that play a vital role to modify the verbs just like Pronouns, you can say that specific words will change the meaning of a verb by adding something. As “Adverb” is a combination of two words “-Ad” and “-verb.” So, the addition of something in the verb.

Usually, while speaking or writing English, people will face confusion. The ultimate reason is different types of adverbs in English. After that, they don’t know the functions of adverbs according to their type. 

Moreover, the primary reason is that adverbs can be used in different places in the sentences. So, you should be clear about adverbs and the types of adverbs. Other than verbs, you can also modify adjectives with the help of adverbs.

Therefore, we will define various types of adverbs and examples of sentences with adverbs. That will give conceptual clarity about the functions and proper usage of different types of adverbs.

Types of Adverbs with Example

We have listed ten types of adverbs with examples:

  1. Conjunctive Adverbs
  2. Adverbs of Place
  3. Adverb of Time
  4. Adverb of Manner
  5. Adverb of Degree
  6. Adverb of Frequency
  7. Adverbs of Certainty
  8. Adverb Clause
  9. Adverb Phrase
  10. Adverb vs Adjective

So, we will have a look at them one by one for your brief understanding.

1. Conjunctive Adverbs

In adverbs, some words play a vital role to link a clause with the other clause. In this regard, the sentence will also get completed. Along with the completion, the reader or writer will get to know about the sense of the sentence.

These adverbs include, in fact, likewise, also, moreover, however, therefore, on the other hand, otherwise, Similarly, indeed, also, yet, besides, usually, most commonly, etc. They are also known as linking adverbs.

Further, we will discuss some examples of conjunctive adverbs.

Conjunctive Adverbs Examples

  • John is speaking loudly in class; therefore, the teacher caught him.
  • There are a lot of books in history; however, few of them are good.
  • He likes her, in fact, and they should be best friends.
  • Norma order gold coffee instead of getting black tea.
  • Elan works hard; as a result, he gets good grades in exams.

Moreover, if you want to do practice different conjunctive adverbs exercises, then you can do it with the conjunctive adverbs list. 

2. Adverbs of Place

Some adverbs will tell you which place or where something will happen. They will discuss the location. In the location, they will also cover the distance. Either it is near, far, or miles apart. 

So that you will have better clarity about the position of the object. In the below-mentioned examples, you can have better clarity. They include words like inside, beneath, everywhere, above, and somewhere.

Adverbs of Place Examples

  • John was hiding behind the bed.
  • They are looking above in the mountains.
  • Norma is living somewhere in Spain.
  • Children are playing inside the home.
  • Elton has started working in our company since last June.
  • You will see flowers in spring everywhere
  • I have searched the book everywhere, but I couldn’t find out. 

3. Adverb of Time

Adverbs of the place play a role to tell us about the location or position. Similarly, the Adverb of time will let us know about the time when things will happen. Most of the time adverb of time was used at the end of the sentence.

On the other hand, you can create a significant impact. Then you can use it at the starting of the sentence.

There are some adverbs of time examples that will help you to understand them.

Adverb of Time Examples

  • Norma was at his grandfather’s house today.
  • John is working at the gym for 5 hours.
  • We eat fish every week.
  • I saw him today.
  • I visited Australia 3 years ago.
  • He was waiting for her mother for 3 hours.
  • Later, She will realize about me.
  • The result of Elton will be on Monday.

4. Adverb of Manner

These are the words that will depict how the action, work has been performed. Most of the time, you will see that the Adverb of manners is formed by the addition of “-ly”  at the end of the verbs.

Similarly, there are other adverbs of manner like “such as well”, “more and most.”

Let’s have some examples to clarify it.

Adverb of Manner Examples

  • Jack is playing football correctly.
  • John speaks politely.
  • Technology is upgraded quickly after 1998. 
  • He swims well in the competition.
  • She walks slowly during the morning walk.
  • Norma’s family is living peacefully.
  • Marty is working on the website actively.
  • The children were playing with toys happily.

5. Adverb of Degree

Adverb of the degree means the intensity of the work or the things that are happening. They play the role of modifying a verb by making it stronger or weaker known as modifying adverbs. These are the words like deeply, significantly, enough, legally, terribly, and virtually.

Adverb of Degree Examples

These are the examples that will help you to understand more-in-depth about the adverb of degree.

  • The temperature of the freezer is exceptionally high.
  • The patients reached the hospital early enough.
  • The convocation was absolutely amazing.
  • John was running fast while playing.
  • The aircraft was destroyed completely.
  • Norma works during corona virtually.

6. Adverb of Frequency

When frequency comes into our mind, then we think about the occurrence of anything. Similarly, the adverb of frequency is used to get to know about the occurrence of an action.  

As, if we talk about the work, then it can be done daily, weekly, monthly, and as well as yearly. So, it is the amount of action performed. You can get an idea about it definitely and as well as indefinitely.

Adverb of Frequency Examples

  • He takes holidays once a year.
  • John goes to the gym daily with my friend.
  • John always helps needy people.
  • Asian usually loves to eat vegetables.
  • The officials of the company have meetings every week.
  • John sometimes thinks he will get mad.
  • My family goes to the park regularly

7. Adverbs of Certainty

Whenever someone discusses the adverb of certainty, it will show the feeling of an action or event. In a sentence, it is used before the main verb. Further, you can use these adverbs at the beginning of the sentences. 

The adverbs of certainty that are used commonly are indeed, probably, undoubtedly, and definitely. 

Let’s see with a couple of examples to have more clarity.

Adverbs of Certainty Examples

  • John definitely left the office today.
  • Probably he will be at the house.  
  • Indeed, Norma has got the iPhone.
  • Undoubtedly, Barack Obama was a great politician. 
  • She certainly forgot about the offer letter.

8. Adverb Clause

There are some words or groups of words that work to change the meaning of a verb, adjectives, clause, or another adverb. They are known as the adverb clauses. 

Moreover, when there is an adverb clause, every adverb clause contains subordinate conjunction that will prevent the sentences from making proper sense. 

Lastly, the primary function that adverb clauses perform is to answer the adverb questions. 

Adverb Clause Examples

Following are some examples of adverb clauses that will help you in better understanding. 

  • I completed the article even when I was sick.
  • You can go wherever you like.
  • The setting of the house was completely changed since I returned from vacation.
  • All the parents are welcome by the faculty before entering the school.
  • He is not intelligent like he thinks he is.
  • Discuss with john about the job so that he would understand.

9. Adverb Phrase

When it comes to adverb phrases, you will see some group of words that will improve the meaning of the verb. Just like the adverb clause, subject and predicate are not compulsory for adverb phrases. 

Moreover, it will be easy for you to answer the questions with the adverb phrase. 

Where? Why? How? and When?

Adverb Phrase Examples

  • John always talks in his country tone.
  • He goes to the sea to find out gold.
  • She plays badminton to impress her coach.
  • They will work in the evening.
  • He will play when the team comes.
  • A fight between men and women occur in the middle of the city.

10. Adverb vs Adjective

The last thing in types of adverb that is important is the comparison between adjectives and adverbs. In English grammar, adverbs are used to explain or describe verbs, adjectives, or adverbs. You will see that most of the adverbs contain “-ly.”

Just like, “She works effectively.” So, effectively used as an adverb.

On the other hand, adjectives are the words with the help of which you can describe a noun or pronouns. You can use them before the noun and as well as after the linking verbs. 

Let’s take an example that will let you know about the placement of adjectives.

Before Noun:

  • Norma dropped the water bottle.
  • She has a black hat.

After Linking verb:

  • She looks tired.
  • The weather becomes warm.

Moreover, you can make an adverbs and adjectives worksheet that will be the sequential record with you to practice properly.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we expect that you have read an in-depth article about the types of an adverb. People will get a lot of benefits with the help of types of adverbs exercises. With the help of kinds, you can practice with different words.

Further, you can do is to prepare a list of adverbs. It will be a plus point in your vocabulary. So that you know about the proper use of adverbs at different places and you also have an excess amount of adverbs of different types. 

Lastly, if you face any issue regarding any concept of adverb types with examples, then you can freely ask about us in the comment box. We will appreciate your participation.