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Learn the eight parts of speech with examples to win English. If you are a student, teacher, or doing any job or business and want to learn and speak English effectively, you should better understand the grammar and the rules. 

On the other hand, there are difficult words that have the same meaning. Therefore, for a deep understanding of words and their meanings, you can use Parts of Speech. 

Moreover, there are specific queries that come to your mind that are parts of speech. How many types are there? What is the classification of a part of speech? Parts of Speech Definitions? What are the parts of speech?

This blog will give you more in-depth knowledge and answer these questions to understand the English language quickly. Furthermore, if you want to understand effectively, you can make parts of the speech list or parts of the speech chart.

Eight Parts of Speech with Examples

When it comes to speech, the main things you should understand are grammatical words and the meaning of a sentence. Most of the time, people mix it and don’t know the proper usage of different words by identifying them.

There are eight parts of speech that are also known by the terms listed below:

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Verb
  4. Adverb
  5. Adjective
  6. Preposition
  7. Conjunction
  8. Interjection

By identification of words and using them properly within a sentence will reveal the function of the word. So, it is vital to develop a more understanding and actual meaning of the word and the parts of speech with examples.

Let’s discuss them one by one:


Let’s start with the noun that is first in parts of the speech. It is the words or classes of words that refer to objects, places, people, or any other ideas or actions. Most of the time, a noun is known as a person, place, or thing, but the most important thing is the object’s clarity. If it is “persons,” then “persons” means people of all genders.

Moreover, if one is talking about things, then it means that you should know about specific things. It consists of physical things, objects, or abstracts.

Noun Examples

  • The car is in jet black color.
  • London is a cute city to visit.
  • Haquana loves squash.

Furthermore, there are various types of nouns we have discussed in the Types of Nouns.


Pronouns are known as those words that are utilized to replace the noun in a particular sentence. When the pronoun replaces a noun, it will result in the noun’s existence.

If you are talking about “Jhon,” then you will use “jhon, again and again. To overcome that, you will use him or any other word at the last minute. The most common pronouns used for replacing a noun are He, She, I, You, him, her, that, they, etc. You will get more clarity with pronoun examples.

Various types of pronouns are explained in the Types of Pronouns.

Pronoun Examples

  • Norma plays badminton. She is known as the best female badminton player.
  • Dad, will you assist me in driving?
  • Dan, are you interested in the job?
  • John, do you have a digital watch?


A verb is a word that is known by action. It is the most vital part of the parts of speech. You can’t think of learning English without a verb. 

Verb Examples

  • Elan works fastly.
  • Stephin plays a cricket match perfectly.
  • Aston likes action games.
  • John is striving with friends.
  • Aleister protects his children.

Moreover, A verb is a part of speech that communicates an action, an occurrence, or a state of being when used in a sentence. In sentences, verbs are an essential part of the word, explaining or describing what the sentence’s subject works?

In English, there are several types of words that are considered as verbs. just like some of the verbs are cook, eat, walk, or run. These are known as a verb the reason is that they seem to like doing an action. We will discuss them in detail at Types of Verbs


Just like adjectives, adverbs are performing the same task. The meaning of Adverbs is: “To add something in the verb.” They are used to modify verbs, clauses, adjectives, and prepositions. 

The function of the adverb is to let you know that How the work is performed? Likewise, time, location, degree, etc., let’s discuss some examples to clarify the adverbs.

Adverb Examples 

  • John plays football effectively
  • Norma cooks food daily.
  • Elan goes to the gym consistently.
  • Elton finished dinner quickly.

Usually, the adverbs contain the words that ended up with “ly.” So, we will also look at the Types of Adverbs that will help you understand more about adverbs. You can also learn the adverbs with the help of an adverb list.


The adjectives are usually known as a modifier. They are used to explain other words like nouns or pronouns. If you are writing or speaking, whatever you are doing. Adjectives will make your sentence to describe better. 

In English grammar, 

What is the role of adjectives in making your writing more adorable? 

The role of an Adjective is to add something to the meaning of the noun. In this way, the noun is prominent. Similarly, it can be possible by adding some senses like taste, feel, smell, or how it exists. 

Adjective Examples

  • John has an adorable hat.
  • Norma lives in a luxurious house.
  • Elan eats delicious fish.

Moreover, various types of adjectives will help you to understand better further about the adjectives precisely. 


In grammar, certain words play a significant role in giving direction, place, and time in sentences, most commonly before nouns and verbs. They are creating a relationship between two different words. That will help them in making a proper sentence. The words are in, at, below, etc.

Preposition Examples

  • John works effectively from morning tonight.
  • Norma writes a complaint to the Inspector.
  • Chocolates are in the Freezer.


Conjunction comes from the word “conjoin,” which describes the goal of connecting words, phrases, and clauses in a sentence. So, that one can know it altogether. These words can be used to convey ideas, actions, or someone’s thoughts. Usually, the words used are but, or, and, and when. 

Let’s take an example that will assist you to have a better clearance:

Conjunction Examples

  • John loves to ride on a heavy bike, but his father doesn’t allow him.
  • Norma and Elan work passionately. 
  • Elan has to choose between a job or a business.

In this way, conjunction does the work of making a sentence that has a meaning and is easy to understand. Various types of Conjunctions will help you to clear your remaining doubts about the conjunction and its use. 

Moreover, the conjunction will be used in between two sentences. If you find it at the beginning of any sentence, it will be known as an informal sentence.


Interjections are those words used to describe or show emotions. They often come at the beginning or in-between any sentence. They include joy, sadness, anger, and happiness. 

Most of the time, hurrah, alas, ouch, oh, wow, gosh, etc. let’s discuss with examples:

Interjection Examples

  • Hurrah! John got the first position.
  • Congrats! You are finally engaged.
  •  Ahh! Elan is looking very charming.

After interjections, an exclamation mark is used as these words express feelings. You can get a deep understanding of interjection in detail by studying the types of interjections.

How to Prepare the Part of Speech?

When it comes to knowing the parts of speech, you should have a critical analysis of the words. If you are using a word, you must learn about its meaning, usage, and position. Start with the simple sentences and then take them to the complex.

In this context, you will have a good grip on the parts of speech that are the foundation of English grammar. Moreover, you can practice by starting with a noun and then going up to interjection. It will make you more knowledgeable about English Grammar basics. 

Wrap Up

To sum up, with our in-depth research parts of speech will be easy for you. After reading the blog, you can do an analysis of any sentences. It will be easy for you to identify the Noun, Pronoun, verb, adverb, and others in the sentences. Further, you can check yourself by passing through the multiple parts of speech quizzes. Lastly, share your precious feedback and if you found any query please ask in the comment box.