Types of Noun – 8 Types with Examples

Types of Nouns


In our previous blog, we have listed all simple Parts of Speech to overview all the essential things, and one must focus on those parts to learn, speak, and write English without any mistake. In this article, you will get to know about the types of noun with examples. 

Usually, while speaking English, one should focus on nouns. Significantly, many words come into your daily life, and you don’t have any idea that these words will be in a particular category. So, you must know the types of nouns that will help you make sentences precisely. 

In this context, we will have an overview of 8 kinds of nouns with examples. That will assist you in learning the better usage of subclasses of nouns. So, you are highly confident about the kinds of nouns in English.

Types of Noun

  1. Common noun
  2. Proper noun
  3. Concrete noun
  4. Abstract noun
  5. Collective Noun
  6. Material Noun
  7. Countable Noun
  8. Uncountable Noun
  9. Possessive Noun

Let’s explain each type with examples:

Common Noun

As the name suggests, common means commonly used, a common name given to most things, people, or ideas. It may include objects, persons, living beings. In general, male and female, dogs, ideas, colors, games, devices, flags, or anything else. So, the male means all the males that are living in the world. 

So, it doesn’t contain anything particularly.

Common Noun Examples

  • People ride on buses.
  • There are 200+ Countries in the universe.
  • The boys are coding in the lab.
  • Schools are closed due to COVID-19.
  • What is the name of your city?.

We have discussed the various examples in which we have targeted the general audience. So, it will clear you that a common noun means anything general. 

Proper Noun

When it comes to the proper Noun, it means the particular place, name, thing, or idea. In English, you should be clear about the common and proper noun. Most of the time, people mix these, but you should split them separately.  Further, you can get an idea about it with proper noun examples.

Proper Noun Examples

  • John is a healthy boy. 
  • Alton is living in Newyork.
  • Norma is launching a blogging setup.
  • Amazon affiliate is the biggest e-commerce marketplace. 
  • Ronaldo is the most skilled football player.

In this regard, we have discussed things precisely. Just like “john” is the particular name of a boy. 

On the other hand, “Amazon” is a specific marketplace in the e-commerce industry.

If we compile the, then a common noun is against the proper noun. Suppose you want to create a difference between both types. Then you can easily do this by identifying the name, place, or any other object. 

Concrete Noun

It is the subclass of Noun that is examined through the five senses. You can say that all the material things we can smell, taste, touch, feel, and hear are included in a concrete noun. Moreover, you can say that concrete nouns are totally opposite of common nouns.

Let’s make it more precise with the help of an example of common noun.

Concrete Noun Examples

  • Did you hear the voice of the eagle?
  • Have you seen the match between Barcelona and Manchester?
  • John has tasted the fish.
  • Did you meet Donald Trump?

So, it will make you more explicit about the concrete Noun. 

Abstract Noun

In contrast with the concrete Noun, an abstract noun is known by the qualities, ideas, or other conditions. You can say that it is against concrete Noun because You cannot see, touch, taste, smell, or hear the things in your daily life. We will call them the concepts. 

Most of the time, some nouns are multiple. They perform abstract and as well as concrete at the same time. 

We will make it more straightforward for you with examples.

Abstract Noun Examples

  • John is pleased on his birthday.
  • Eltan has cooked a very delicious dish.
  • Norma loves her husband undoubtedly.
  • You should be highly motivated before going to compete in exams.

In the end, there is a difference between abstract and concrete nouns. Both are opposite of each other. 

Collective Noun

All the people, places, or things are named as nouns. But, there are some other categories of nouns that are the basis of the group. So, the collective Noun is the number known as that of persons in a group. The number or amount identifies them. 

Moreover, you can get the idea from the name of a category. Just like collective means “Collection.” So, you can easily identify the categories with their starter name. You will get better clarity with the examples of collective noun.

Collective Noun Examples

  • American Army has the latest weapons.
  • Alpha group won the competition of firing.
  • Norma’s family goes to the church.
  • Elton receives a bunch of flowers from his friends.

Until now, we have discussed the various categories of nouns. Further, we will proceed with the Noun that is countable and uncountable.

Countable Noun

They are related to those to which you can count them easily. Further, countable Noun can come in singular and as well as plural. So, all the things, persons, places that are counted are known as a countable noun. 

You can develop an excellent understanding of countable noun examples. 

Countable Noun Examples 

  • John has a heavy bike in his garage.
  • Nelson spends $160 on grocery products.
  • He gains 300 calories daily to keep himself healthy.
  • Aroma eats two apples daily.
  • There are five screw drives in the toolbox. 

In this context, you can understand a bit clearer about the countable Noun. In the examples, all the things mentioned can be counted, just like calories, apples, screwdrivers, etc.

Uncountable Noun

Similarly, where there is a countable noun, there is also an uncountable noun. You can say that an uncountable noun is against a countable noun. It refers to all the things that can’t be counted easily. There are many things like milk, salt, sand, water, jam, flour, and much more that are hard to figure out. 

Let’s elaborate on them with samples

Uncountable Noun Examples

  • John has got his salary.
  • Most Americans are not vegetarian.
  • You have got the School information.
  • She prepares a delicious noodles dish.

Moreover, you can check the Uncountable noun list that will help you in practicing them.

Compound Noun

The second last subclass in the list of types of nouns is Compound Noun. It is formed by comparing two or more than two words. The words might be a Noun, or compound noun can be formed by adding adjectives with nouns. You can say that each Noun is a single unit to modify them by adding adjectives and other nouns, just like toothpaste, sunlight, hairbrush, etc.

You can get further clearance with the sample of a compound noun. The compound noun comes in a variety of closed-form, hyphenated forms, and open forms.

Hyphenated is like Note-book

Closed for is: Haircut

The open form is Sun light.

Compound Noun Examples

  • John is the best player in basketball.
  • People love to enjoy the sunlight in winters.
  • He is looking smart with the fresh Haircut.

Possessive Noun

The last type is Possessive Noun, which is known as a noun that possesses something. If you found any word or Noun that contains “‘s,” you can say that it is a possessive noun. But you can see many words in which s comes before the apostrophe.

The singular possessive Noun contains “‘s” and plural contains after the “s’.”

Possessive Noun Example

By adding up, examples will help you in better understanding:

  • The car’s bumper is cracked.
  • Is this Norma’s Coat?
  • Ten years’ experience has a significant impact on the job.

Wrap Up

In the end, types of noun in detail will clear you about most of the things about which you are confused. It would be best if you got these things into practice that will help you to have a better understanding of the Noun and types of nouns. You can also make a list of nouns and accordingly types of nouns worksheet. 

Further, if you find any hurdle in studying the types of Noun. Then you can contact us for better clarity. 


What are ten proper nouns?

  1. Amazon
  2. United States
  3. Cricket
  4. English Book
  5. John
  6. Sunday
  7. Bill gates
  8. Italy
  9. Doctor Fredrick
  10. The United Kingdom

Love exists in which types of noun?

When someone is talking about feelings, then it will be known as an abstract noun. So, love is a feeling.

What kind of noun is a team?

When someone is talking about a group of people, they are talking about a collective noun as a team is a group of people designed to play cricket. So, they are performing a function in the form of a group. That’s why they are collective nouns.

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