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Adjectives are words that explain the noun in a better way. A noun is used in a sentence, but when an adjective is used with the noun, it will sound better. Likewise, Elton is a boy. It is a simple sentence. But, when we add an adjective to the noun “Elton is a handsome boy.” So, here the sentence becomes good with the addition of an adjective.

In English grammar, the learners are very conscious of the adjective. So, you must be crystal clear about what an adjective is. What is the value of adjectives in English? We will discuss the types of adjectives in detail with multiple examples. With the help of this, you can clear your concept.

Moreover, there are various rules of adjectives through which you can develop better knowledge. After that, you will have a good grip on adjectives, either in speaking or writing.

Types of Adjectives 

We will elaborate on all types of adjectives listed below one by one in detail with examples of adjectives to help you in a more in-depth awareness.

  1. Comparative Adjectives
  2. Superlative Adjectives
  3. Descriptive Adjectives
  4. Attributive Adjectives
  5. Quantitative Adjectives
  6. Proper Adjectives
  7. Demonstrative Adjectives
  8. Possessive Adjectives
  9. Interrogative Adjectives
  10. Indefinite Adjectives
  11. Articles
  12. Compound Adjectives
  13. Adjective Phrases

Lets, we will make clear them individually in detail:

Comparative Adjectives

As the name suggests that comparative means to compare some things. If we take two objects, or things, and compare them by finding various traits. It will lead us to figure out the strengths and weak points. So, comparative adjectives are the words that play a role in comparing two objects.

Subject + Verb + Comparative Adjective + than + Object

In the above equation, comparative adjectives lie between subject and object

Certain words will aid you to understand the relative words:

Simple Comparative Adjective

Comparative Adjectives Examples

Let’s make it more clear with different examples:

  • John works faster than Elton.
  • A 25v bulb is brighter than 10v.
  • New generation operating systems are more powerful than the old ones.
  • The German language is tougher than English.
  • Americans have bigger states than Russia. 
  • The latest smartphones are less expensive than the old ones.
  • Yesterday the weather was better than today.
  • You might work faster than John.
  • This article was deeper than the previous one.

In this context, comparative adjectives can be used more or less.  Moreover, In the above examples, you can get more understanding of them.

You can check the list of comparative adjectives to practice by making various sentences.

Superlative Adjectives

When it comes to superlative adjectives, are used to explain or describe the object. They are used to depict the mean (Low) and extreme (High) degrees of quality. In this regard, you can use superlative adjectives when discussing two or more two things.

Subject + Verb + the + Superlative Adjective + Object

Suppose John has a high height as compared to Elton and Jack. Then we can say John is taller than Elton and Jack. So, here the height of three persons is being discussed.

Forms of Superlative Adjectives

In contrast with comparative adjectives, there are two different forms in which superlative adjective comes:

  1. Short Adjectives
  2. Long Adjectives
  • In short adjectives, “-est” is used with simple adjectives.
  • On the other hand, we will use “-most” or “-least”  in the long adjectives.

Adjectives short of

Simple Adjective

Short Adjective

Long Adjectives

Simple Adjective 

Long Adjective
ModernMost Modern
SimpleLeast Simple
IntelligentMost Intelligent
GeniusMost Genius

Superlative Adjective Examples

Let’s discuss them with the examples for better understanding:

  • John was the simplest guy in the town.
  • Quieting Smoke is the hardest job in the world.
  • Jammy is the wealthiest person in his community.
  • Russia was the most powerful state in the old times.
  • China is the healthiest state at present.
  • Jerry is the most famous anchor.
  • Jack is the most intellectual person on the job.
  • Summers are the least cold than winters.

We will recommend you check the list of superlative adjectives, and practice will help you grip on them.

Descriptive Adjectives

Among all types of adjectives, descriptive adjectives are the most common ones. Their core function is to modify the noun or pronouns by explaining the qualities. In this way, they will give quality to the noun or pronoun. Usually, they are also known as qualitative adjectives

Moreover, if someone is talking about something, then the descriptive adjectives modify them by giving a quality or trait. Likewise, taste, smell, shape, color, etc

Descriptive Adjectives Examples 

You can practice the examples given below for more clarity:

  • John has a fast car.
  • Elton works faster in the company.
  • Norma sees an eagle flying.
  • Last night we ate a delicious dinner.
  • She gave me a bundle of brown chocolates.
  • Jack bought an expensive watch.

Moreover, you can go through the list of descriptive adjectives that you can practice with different sentences.

Attributive Adjectives

When you can use some words to modify the qualities of nouns or pronouns, qualities can include shape, size, color, appearance, or age.

With the help of an attributive adjective, you can describe the quality of a person or things. We will make some examples that will clear you more about it.

Attributive Adjective Examples

  • Kitchen Cuisine prepares spicy foods.
  • John has a black dog.
  • The soft pillow will help in peaceful sleep.
  • Norma is working on a large project.
  • She is wearing a beautiful dress.
  • Elton is an intelligent engineer.

Quantitative Adjectives

Suppose we focus on the name of types of adjectives. Then we can get the idea that it is about the specific quality, quantity, or any other thing.

The qualitative adjective shows the quality of a noun or pronoun. Similarly, you can use quantitative adjectives to get to know about the fixed quantity of nouns. 

They are used to get a specific range, size, or amount. However, individual sentences can get the idea with words used to measure like enough, few, etc.

Quantitative Adjectives Examples

Here are some samples which can be beneficial for you:

  • John ate two zinger burgers.
  • Norma has three children.
  • He has three land cruisers in his garage.
  • Elton went to the park with some of his friends.
  • The steaks are enough for the family.
  • There are few Competent trainers of mind sciences.
  • They were less in the army than the opponent.
  • Little milk is required to make the juice.

Proper Adjectives

As early as we have discussed the Proper Nouns. So in adjectives, one of their subcategories is proper adjectives. If you focus on the name of proper adjectives, you will get an idea that they are the proper names used to describe persons, places, or things. 

Likewise, Marty is a very sharp client. In this sentence, “Marty” is a proper noun that describes a person with a proper name. Further, as you lived in France, do you love to eat French Food? 

In this sentence, French Food is a proper noun. 

Moreover, we will have a look at the proper adjectives examples that will make you more clear about it:

Types of Proper Adjectives

  • The first and foremost type of proper adjectives can be used at the name of places that include countries and regions. 
  • The second type is those words that will use to modify the name of people or persons. They may include famous people or modern people.

Proper Adjectives Examples 

  • German aircraft is built of the latest technology.
  • All the European People are not white.
  • Marty is the sharp Client.
  • As you live in Australia, do you love Australian dishes?
  • John is a Spanish Player.
  • Have you visited European countries?

Demonstrative Adjectives

With the help of demonstrative adjectives, you can make your sentences clearer when you are talking about different things, objects, or nouns. 

You can’t identify them without specific words. So, you can identify the nouns or pronouns with such type of words.

They include the words this, that, these, and those. Likewise, People work very effectively. In this sentence, we don’t know exactly who the people are. By adding a demonstrative adjective, the sentence is more cleared. “These people work very effectively.”  

Let’s discuss more examples of the demonstrative adjectives:

Demonstrative Adjectives Examples

  • That airport is very advanced in technology. 
  • Norma will never forget this day.
  • At this age, children are not mature.
  • Johan wants those dresses for his wedding.
  • These aircraft are old ones.
  • That people are smarter workers than those.

This and that are in the case of singular persons or things.

While those and these are used in the case of plural things or persons.

Possessive Adjectives

When discussing different things, we don’t know who has ownership of this thing. So, to get to know about ownership, there are several words. These words are known as possessive adjectives. 

These are some words utilized as possessive adjectives: Yours, his, her, our, and its. 

With some possessive adjective examples, you will have more clarity.

Possessive Adjectives Examples

  • Your house is more adorable than his house.
  • That is our Rolex watch.
  • John is working with our company.
  • Jack has worked with his boss.
  • Her car is more precious than mine.
  • He has lost his precious pen. 
  • We go to her house with their family.

Interrogative Adjectives

We have studied pronouns, which are the words utilized for the modification of nouns. Similarly, interrogative adjectives are the words to transform nouns with the questions.

If you want to ask a question or ask about a specific person, then the interrogative adjectives are used at that place.

We have some examples for you. Let’s have a look at them:

Interrogative Adjectives Examples 

  • What preferences have you selected?
  • Which process is best for the useful output?
  • Where are you living in North Korea?
  • Whose pens are that?
  • At which spot you have placed your stall?
  • What is the difference between hybrid and biological?
  • What are your choices in desserts?

Indefinite Adjectives

While speaking or writing English, you are using some non-specific words. Their place is not accurate as per the sentence. So, these words are called indefinite adjectives. You can use them to modify pronouns or nouns in the Inexact method.

These words are few, any, most, many, and several. We will use them in the example sentences that will make you more clear.

Indefinite Adjectives Examples

  • She likes most of the people who wear black.
  • John expected many visitors to the website.
  • The officer will not give them another chance.
  • They have a few pounds in their wallet.
  • Each of the players should practice on the ground.
  • I have some showpieces in the drawer.
  • How many of you know about Quantum theory?


Some words in English are used to discuss some non-particular things. They are a, an, and the. In this context, you can use “The” while discussing something specific. 

Similarly, “a and an” are used to modify the non-specific nouns. If we compile up these words, then “the” is known as the definite article, and “a/an” is an indefinite article. 

Let’s discuss some examples that relate to the article’s adjectives.

Article Adjectives Examples

  • John wants a laptop for work.
  • Norma loves the cat.
  • He felt the honor to meet an international delegate.
  • An apple has lightweight.
  • After a long day, Norma made a delicious steak.
  • Could you give me the black hairdryer?
  • He gets the bottle of milk.
  • Élan is an honest person.

Compound Adjectives

As the name suggests the compound, is a combination of two words. When you used two adjectives to modify the noun, then they are known as compound adjectives. 

Moreover, whenever you see some words combined with hyphens like “Part-Time,” these are compound adjectives.

With some examples, you can understand compound adjectives more deeply.

Compound Adjectives Examples

  • She is working in an English-Speaking firm.
  • John has a Big-Black car.
  • He was working eight-hour a day.
  • Norma is a high-spirit girl.
  • Most of the students in the class are active-minded.
  • The employee looks from a well-educated family.
  • This brand is highly recommended for outstanding services.
  • There were two middle-aged people in the company.
  • Tactical knives are known as long-lasting ones.
  • I visited some-free cafes last night.

You can check the list of compound adjectives that will assist you in best practice along with these examples.

Adjective Phrase

Whenever there is a group of words that contains adjectives, they are commonly known as adjective phrases. Most people known Adjective Phrases by Adjectival Phrases. Further, they will assist you in providing more details about nouns and Pronouns.

As it is a little challenging to identify the adjective phrases. The best way to get to know about the adjective phrase in a sentence is to look at the starting word in the group of words. If the word begins with the preposition or adverb, it will be easy for you to get the adjective phrases.

Here are some examples you can go through:

Adjective Phrase Examples

  • The angry children fight with each other all day.
  • The cost of the aircraft was very high.
  • The man covered himself from the snow.
  • The adorable child is from Europe.
  • He is a very intellectual person.
  • Norma was very sad about the result.

Final Thoughts

Just think for a while that if we will not have clarity about the adjectives. Then what will happen? You will not be able to complete the sentences correctly, and it will be challenging to identify the adjectives.

So, we hope that you will go through the complete article. It will assist you to get conceptual clarity and a deep understanding of the types of adjectives.

Suppose you found any query concerning any types of adjectives. Then you can consult with us freely. 

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